I did follow step above ahead, but does not work. I eventually find the right way after 12 hours pain. I need to DownLoad EleksCAM Release v3.1.0 v,
together with download and install
VC windows 32bits
VC windows 64bits


After all software installed,

open EleksMaker Go to main menu to install driver (usb 340) (located on the top right bar with the triangle point down icon) connect usb from laser machine to computer
*Go to Control Page, select port number
(may need to refresh port to get the port number but Find serial port Failed still shown in Gcode window, don't worry ) Go to Setting Page, hit the RST Rom, then computer will install necessary file which I believe it is VC32 bit and 64 bit Back to Control Page, refresh port again, Serial port will be found and ready to experiment EleksMaker Program.