Instruction丨How To Upgrade You EleksMaker L7 Controller To Use EleksCAM

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    Hi, EleksCAM close beta version is coming , and its supprot the Newst Mana SE Controller and L7 Controller

    But if you are using L7 Controller , you need to upgrade your L7 Controller to newst Firmware version and move a little bit

    of Controller hardware Line Cap , heres the instuction of how to upgrade your L7 Controller

    BTW,You Can Download EleksCAM Here : Full AutoMatic Engraving SoftWare - EleksCAM


    Attention : EleksMaker L7 Controller Didnt Support Software PWM Laser Power Adjust , So Please DO NOT Use EleksCAM 
    Laser Power Adjust Function If Your Laser Module Power Its Above 1600mw. It may Damage Your L7 MOS Element!


    First Step : Unplug Your L7 Controller's Nano And Switch Your Line Cap From 0.8 To 0.9

    Unplug Your L7 Controller's Nano And Switch Your Line Cap From 0.8 To 0.9 , And The Line Cap Location Is Where Red Box In Img Above


    Step2 : Following The Instrution Which In Your Download Package To Install EleksCAM Software

    And Upgrade Your L7 Controller Firmware With Following IMG

    First Find The Machine Port And Clik Refresh Button To Connect Your Controller



    Then Chose SystemVer To Mana SE And Click RST Rom Button


    Just Wait For Download Complete And Enjoy




  • @EleksMaker-Z Hello,
    I did the update of the fireware, I followed the tutorial. I can move on x and y, I can turn on the laser but when I want to burn an image or a text, the laser is on but it does not move. What to do ?

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    maybe the problem is same like this below~ you can try this to fix丨how-to-upgrade-you-eleksmaker-l7-controller-to-use-elekscam/15
    you can see the reply in this topic

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