Changing laser module, 2500mw to 15w, can i?

  • Hi, can i change the laser module of 2500mw to 15w? Is just unplug and plug?

    I have another LaserCNC But we have 15w with small area 10x20 and i need more area and more power, just to cut.

    Can to this?

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    ...may be that 15W is fake....our laser power is calculate by professional optical flow sensor , but some sellers just write the fake laser power ....

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    but , it can be cut , you just need to unplug and plug and then use motor pin on Mana controller , it can be control now~

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    I agree, it is unlikely a 15W laser. Perhaps a 6-7W diode being over driven, so a pulse of 15W for very short duty cycle.

    If you try to run full power it will burn out quickly.

    Avoid sellers that claim such high power values.

  • Thanks for all considerations brows

    Look an image of my module. This laser cnc use ACAN software and firmware, but this firmware are limited in 10x15 area to engrave, i need more area to do my cut plans.
    The factory dont give me the original firmware to modify.


  • More images about this acan kit

    My idea is just, change de 2500mw for this.

    2_1490458805254_IMG_0850 (Medium).JPG 1_1490458805253_IMG_0849 (Medium).JPG 0_1490458805252_IMG_0848 (Medium).JPG

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