EleksLaser丨Frequently Asked Questions

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    EleksLaser丨Frequently Asked Questions

    Question : How To Focus The Laser ?

    First , you need press the weak light button which is on the top of laser. 
    And then keep rotate the nuts until get the minimun point. 

    alt text

    Question : Which Software Should I Choose ?

    When you get our EleksLaser Machine , the main controller board "Mana SE" has already flashed EleksROM version 1.3 Firmware .
     So we recommend use our offical software "EleksCAM" .
     And if you want to use another software to carving , you can try T2Laser or BenBox to carving.

    DownLoad EleksCAM Release v3.1.0 v

    DownLoad T2Laser Release

    DownLoad BenBox Release

    Question : Why When I Use EleksCAM , I Can Move XY Motor manually But Cant Normal Carving?

    Some customs may have different font setting in windows system.
    so that may cause elekscam cant send command normally . 
    To solve this problem you need open your system control panel and then click change Time Clock And Region Like This:

    alt text

    Question : I Use BenBox In The Past , But Now I Want To Use EleksCAM , What Should I Do ?

    Due to the BenBox and EleksCam use the different software .
    so you need reflash the firmware and rewrite the settings .
    luckily we got EleksROM Auto Flash Software for you .
    you just need following this page to reflash the firmware

    http://wiki.eleksmaker.com/doku.php?id=eleksrom|DownLoad EleksROM Release v3.8.0 v

    Question : How To Move Machine Manually With EleksCAM ?

    Please connect you machine first and then click the direction arrow once to move machine . 
    PS: 1 means 1mm per click

    alt text

    Question : How To Install Driver With EleksCAM?

    Just Click the button on the top of EleksCAM and then Click Install Driver
    ![alt text](http://eleksmakeross.oss-ap-southeast-1.aliyuncs.com/wiki/EleksLaserA3X/installdriver.png)

    Question : When I Click X+/Y+ But X Axis Goes X-/Y-

    You need reverse the relevant Axis (X-Rev means reverse X Axis) . 
    Just Click the relevant Axis and then Click Save Button

    alt text

    Question : I Want To Know How To Set Pluse/Accel/Speed

      EleksLaser  Default: 80/80/Laser Mode/XY Machine Mode //x,y Pluse step/mm /Model /Machine Type
      EleksDraw   Default: 100/100/Servo Mode/CoreXY Machine Mode //x,y Pluse step/mm /Model /Machine Type
      EleksEgg    Default: 20/20/Servo Mode/XY Machine Mode //x,y Pluse step/mm /Model /Machine Type
      EleksMill   Default: 400/400/400/Laser Mode/XY Machine Mode //x,y,z Pluse step/mm /Model /Machine Type

    All Machine Default Acceleration is 200 (but it can up to 500~1000)

    And For Speed/Laser Power is depend on your needed

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