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  • Hello World EleksMaker.

    Please share me your story, i am Benbox 7th generation user for 4th year.

    Now so many new lasers around, like EleksMaker / Benbox / LaserAxe / LX DIY Alliance.

    What hapenned to BENBOX?

    Where does the EleksMaker design come from?

    Who is LX DIY Alliance offering almost same like you?

    LaserAxe machines available also by EleksMaker?

    Looking forward!
    Kind regards.


  • ElekMaker Develop Department


    Haha LX DIY is our old name is a chinese word called 领衔 😂. So LX DIY=EleksMaker

    From years ago ,we are start to sales our machine all over the world, so we change our name to EleksMaker.

    Our First Design comming about 7 year ago, and we're the very first sales in china. But after that, some company copy our products and use poor quality material to make that cheaper☹️

    And From now,we're start offical support,anyone have any question can ask us directly.

    We will post via of EleksMaker's products documents in the next few days.

    Thanks for support so many years (´⌣`ʃƪ)


    EleksMaker Z

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    BenBox Software is our cooperative partner in the past . now they are stoping laser working and start iot things, so whatever LX DIY BenBox EleksMaker, If you are using EleksMaker L Serials Controller Or EleksMaker A3 EleksMaker A5 Caving Machine. Thats All Our Products. But LaserAxe is our copy version. Thats not us product.

  • Thank you for answer :)

    So please correct the timeline for me if i am wrong:

    1st was - BenBox - founded around 2014 / discontinued from 2015

    (I've ordered mine 7th generation 12th December 2014)

    2nd was - LX DIY Alliance - these days known as "EleksMaker" - founded around 2010 (really before benbox?)

    (I've noticed in June 2015 on Alliexpress.com new design called "Laser Axe" then it disapeared and apeared once a month for a while by different resellers)

    3rd is LaserAxe - founded 2016 (according to new LaserAxe control boards apeared on market)

    (is it really copy version of EleksMaker products? Seems to be very different - new H-Bot design)

    They are still products sold as BENBOX DIY Laser / with red Grbl 0.9 control board and same construction and parts like EleksMaker - do you know about them? Where they come from?

    And last question: Do EleksMaker has something in common with ElecFreaks?

    Your logos are VERY simillar guys.
    check http://www.elecfreaks.com/

    Looking forward for your answers.
    Kind regards :)

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    haha , yeah , the logo is similar , and we meet the Founder of ElecFreaks Last year by chance . We both shocked , hahaha thats too similar . so that just a coincidence , we dont have connect with ElecFreaks.

    i had to say we are early than BenBox , cause i bought EleksMaker Machine personally (At That Time , I didnt join EleksMaker) in 2013 summer . That was a lead screw laser machine .


    3rd About Laser Axe , yeah , we are the first one whos sale desktop laser in china , and after , some company start to copy our laser machine (not only axe , like JinGuan or some other Company did that too) . so i am personal condemnation of such relief.

    Best Regrads,

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