My dreams about EleksCAM

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    My dreams about EleksCAM

    First – fixing some serious bugs:

    • I can confirm @jetfire problem in Win10 64bit. After first start EleksCAM ruins Windows normal window refreshing behaviour as jetfire described.

    • Direct sending G-code can't be stopped. Possible is only pause. It means that we must restart EleksCam and home coordinates would be lost. :(

    • PicCarve did not count on bitmap size nor SVG zero coordinates. Instead of it rendering size and position depends of contents on picture file. It means that there is no possibility make for example with one picture outline for cutting and with another picture engraving inside of that previous cut or vice versa.

    • EleksCAM requires somehow administrator rights (accessing registry, write to restricted area in disk, ... ?) to function properly. It would be nice to avoid that demand.

    • Please make so that G-code, sent from your program, always uses for decimal symbol dot, not a comma due the some country practice. Then there is no need to change Windows regional settings and it work for all.

    • Not only G-code sending is affected by regional decimal symbol comma. Outline function also depends from it, so it needs reworking.

    • There is one strange behavior, when using a pen. If EleksEGG or EleksDRAW starts drawing, it first lowers the pen, then lifts it up and after that starts drawing. Why!? That odd behavior leaves a nasty dot on a canvas. :( Solution for fixing this behaviour given by @pledgy.

    • In version 3.1 selecting home coordinates does not fit to screen without enlarging window, but in some cases enlarging is not possible due small native resolution of laptop computer screen. So it is annoying and needs to re-examination.

    • In version 3.1 also PicCarve rendering to Fold Line generates error. Fortunately ignoring this error renders correct Fold Line.


    And now my sweet dreams.

    As there is already four tabs – Control, Config, Setting and Gallery – I would like to see one or two more:

    • Most important tab – Layers – where we can add PicCarve, TextCarve drawings. Switch them on and off, change order and possibility to add pause between drawing them. It gives us possibility for laser and pen engrave and cut or outline with filling easily and also change the pen between layers, if we want to do that and then continue with other layer. Also there would be nice possibility to rotate layers at least by 90 degrees, resize them and move them by X,Y axis. And of course – possibility to save those layers to one work file would be nice…

    • Second tab – G-code, where we can see the generated G-code and if we need, we can change that before we send it to machine.

    Thanks for your time. It's all for now, but nor for the future. ;) As programmer and gadget geek, I like much your doings. I also see that your offered things are very raw yet, but together with good community we can build world we like... :)

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  • me too

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    Please, EleksMaker, change your EleksCAM so that Gcode you send to machine is not dependent from system regional settings and values with decimal points are always with dot. It is not so hard - just a one or few lines of code, but you save many's from frustration...

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    One humble suggestion more. Please abandon that fancy window fade in, fade out on program opening and closing. Okey - in previous version it was tolerable at least in opening, but in new version, there is expose of full windows when we open EleksCAM, then it disappears and only after that fancy evince of windows will occur. (Look at @mrmister video.) Its just a waste of time. As in closing. But in closing its much worse. If I use it in full screen (in my case 2560x1440) it takes mush longer time and in 80% situations it ends with crash - memory out message. Although in my computer owns 32 gigabytes of that.

    Question is - what do you want establish with EleksCAM? Will it be just a little fancy toy or serious tool? If it designed to be just a toy, then please leave upper text unmarked, otherwise...

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    I do not know if it concerns EleksCAM or EleksDRAW, but I discovered that if EleksDRAW is in laser mode with WEAK ON, then if it disconnects from computer, laser shuts down. It's reasonable. But when connection restores, laser will light almost with full power. Good enough to lite a fire. That is not good, I think...

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    That is why we said , when you are using EleksLaser , it must be connect to computer first , and then turn on the DC , sorry for we forget write this in assemble instructions . thx~

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    Yes - I know that and told so there for others too, but anyway - very strange things can happen - somebody stumbles on cables - whatever. So for maximum safety maybe something is possible to do and fix for those cases...

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    that is cause when micro controller power up , it will boot for about 3-5s so , at that time , output pin default have High voltage , i tried to pull down the voltage at the very first moment , but it cant works ~

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    Ok - then we need to repeat and repeat to everyone that no power for machine if connection not established.

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    Can I have little bit attention please!? :)
    @ElekMaker-Develop-Department, @EleksMaker-Z & @EleksMaker
    I have a challenge and reward for you and for everybody who may be involved. Please look at first entry in this topic...

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    This post is deleted!

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    @ElekMaker-Develop-Department, @EleksMaker-Z, @EleksMaker
    Added three bugs to list.

  • @MuuSer You could add to the end of number 6 "There is one strange behaviour" that the reason is there needs to be a S0 at the end of the gcode file to stop the laser/pen when the next program sends a M3.
    Might speed up bug fix.

  • I had the same problem with bitmaps scaling based on the contents (i.e. ignoring whitespace) rather than scaling the whole image.

    As a workaround, if you want to superimpose two bitmaps on the same piece of work, you can force EleksCAM to treat them the same by opening the bitmaps in an image editor and colouring in the top left pixel, plus the bottom right pixel - EleksCAM then has to use the whole image.

    It does draw a dot in the top left/lower right pixel locations, but these can be arranged to be off the edge of the workpiece.

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    @pledgy, Done, but I doubt about that it speeds fixing something. Unfortunately EleksMaker is not interested selling more. If they would, their first priority must be satisfied customers. But customers can't be satisfied if solutions, promised with their goods, are not working correctly and they must search different solutions - also included software related - to got their machines to do what they must to do...
    For prove that they don't care is circumstance that they even don't be bothered to include pictures about composed machines for examining how to orient steppers connectors and how pull cables... Seems they never but together their babys in real world - only in virtual 3D space. :D

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