Where to get support for repairs?

  • I still have not heard back form banggood. I understand the laser is expensive, but that's why I need it replaced, the defective unit I have now is no good to me.

    I ordered my engraver on Feb 12th. It's been almost 2 months I have been stuck with a defective unit. All I want is my defective machine repaired. The freight for the entire engraver was not expensive so it cannot be that much for just the laser.

    How do I get a replacement? It's been 2 month's since I purchased my machine and 8 days since I posted here and I'm still no closer to getting a replacement part.

  • Just in case anyone is following along, banggood is now willing to send a replacement part, but they want me to close my paypal dispute first. That is not going to happen until I have a working machine. By taking 2 months to even offer a repair part they have lost my trust, and there is no way I'm closing a dispute on a promise that they'll send parts!

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    The laser is by the manufacturer warranty, manufacturers need to prove that is not really damaged, because the laser is very expensive, and the freight is not cheap, manufacturers will not easily send you a new one, of course, if you can bear the freight back and forth, manufacturers are willing to change a new one for you

    I still need a laser and have not heard back from you or from banggood. Is there no warranty for these machines?

  • I have gotten not help at all from banggood, or here on this forum. Anyone thinking about purchasing one of these engravers should look elsewhere.

    I was never offered a replacement or repair from the manufacturer, If you buy one of these and are end up with a faulty part you will be repairing at your own cost like me. I had my engraver for less than a week before the laser died on me.

  • I am having similar problems with Banggod to the point I purchased a servo and steepper motor from amazon for my ELeksEgg just to prove the parts were bad that I had gotten in my original kit. to date I cannot create any image on the egg.
    I have asked for help and gotten none. they keep asking for more and more videos they wanted to see the connections I sent them photos they want video of connections WHY??? makes no sense. Anyway even after getting the unit working with my own purchased parts the thing does not work well enough to print on an egg I want to return it and get my money back or have a human from eleksmaker call me and solve the issues

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    Banggood has a particular business model. It is similar to "stall you till you get frustrated and give up" keep at em for a few months and usually the will cave. Most people give up before then.

  • Wow! It's a nightmare story. I have just decide to buy the A3 2500. I don't know if I will do it after this story.
    Your opinion: it's an isolate case or it's happen often?

    Should I still buy mine?

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    I've bought several Eleks lasers, draw and egg machines from banggood. All have worked perfectly.

  • I wouldn't buy one again if I could do it over. Here and on the benboxlaser forum you can search and find multiple accounts of lasers that come on, but without enough power to burn. You'll notice they are all the same newer model with the mana se board.

    I replaced my mana se board out of pocket, and my engraver still doesn't work.

    Zax seems like a great guy on this fourm and on benbox laser, but he sells software for these machines.

    @Zax, do you have one of the newer engravers with the mana se and laser with circuit board on top?

  • @EleksMaker-Z said in Where to get support for repairs?:

    banggood's laser module should be free fix , told them your laser is broken in an hour and need free change

    I've gotten no where with banggood, I just sent them a message on their site, and the response back was that I'm out of warranty, they seem to have forgotten all of the pictures and videos they requested over the past several months.

    Can you help me out? You can see from recent comments here that you are losing sales because of your nonexistent service.

  • @mostlydave Hi mate... I have got exactly the same issue as yoursaelf by the look of it except mine was faulty out of the box...I posted in this forum under Blue Flashing D4 LED... my question is this: Did you ever get it sorted and if so was it with an identical laser...ie... would you advise I get a replacement for my laser or request a refiund for the cost of buying a more reliable version?

    Appreciate any advice mate!

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    If you bought through banggood then you have to go through them for the return. I hear if you badger them non stop for a few months, sometimes they will make good and replace things like they should. They dont have the best customer service. Then when this forum opened up they have been pushing people here to get people to stop asking them questions and go away. For the most part its just a way for them to get people to give up. That is part of the reason eleksmaker has opened its own store. That and banggood sells knock off stuff and puts eleksmakers name on it.

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    @PhotonPhil Remove the Nano from the controller board and see if it will flash the firmware disconnected. If so you most likely have a bad capacitor, and can either replace it or get a new board. If the Nano doesn't work disconnected then it's most likely lost the bootloader, Z would probably know if that's what causes D4 to flash. I don't know if their Nano's have the ICSP connector to reflash them, most clone Nano's do.

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