EleksLaser A3 purchased from Banggood (laser always on)

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    I think he means he changed his settings to decimal (.) but he still sees commas (,) in elekscam

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    Okey :D You are probably right, but then he is done something wrong. One odd thing in Windows is that in regional settings after changing , to . :) sometimes Windows did not accept it, if you just press "OK" button. So in that case first use "Apply" button and afterwards "OK". Yes - it's strange, but C'est La Vie.

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    Hello friends!
    Somebody know how to connect and manage the laser power with TTL socket? I have buy the china 5,5W laser-constructor from gearbest website. On the foto is the laser driver-board. Now it controlled by PWM only and greyscale maked by on/off the laser and motor speed changing method. I have make a new controller board with new firmware, not grbl, now I have the TTL output on board and want to connect it to the laser board. What's mean the +/- TTL? I think, that it will be only one - signal pin for TTL and +/- for the power. Please, say, how to connect it?

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    if you want use 5.5w laser module TTL Function , you need press SW2 and make the TTL light on which is on the top of board.


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  • Ok. And where I need to connect the ttl pin from my controller to make the power corrections and where the power wires connected?I think, that it will be a 3 wires on the TTL socket Signal, power and ground? But only presen 2 + and -...

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    @ACKET said in EleksLaser A3 purchased from Banggood (laser always on):

    Ok. And where I need to connect the ttl pin from my controller to make the power corrections and where the power wires connected?I think, that it will be a 3 wires on the TTL socket Signal, power and ground? But only presen 2 + and -...

    you need connect the power with + - in PWM connector , and TTL 2pin signal into ttl pin , so you need connect 4pin in all

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    Ok, sorry! My mistake, I,m forgot that I have 2 wires TTL out at the controller
    Thank You!

  • Now I have a new question... Somebody know the work TTL frequency of this driver? Or may be a technical documentation on this laser driver?

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    I don't know what the design specifications are for the TTL input but it works well at 1kHz (Grbl 1.1 default) or 7.8kHz (the Grbl 0.9 default) so it has a wide range.

  • Hello. I've been using an engraver (2500 mW) for a year now and I needed one more. I bought one, but by 5.5 watts.
    But I ran into a problem. I'm using PicSender. She has a good reputation and I'm used to it. It works without fail on the old engraver till now! But on the new engraver she does not burn the same NC files. The motors run, but the laser does not burn.
    If you press SW2, it just burns everything. If you press SW1, the laser only works as a pointer.
    On the old engraver there is no TTL and the controller is slightly different. Previous version. But it works. And the new engraver does not work, as it is necessary.
    The same problem is in other similar programs: PicSender, GRBL Controller, Engraver Master...
    Photo old work controller:
    alt text
    And new not work controller:
    alt text

  • I think, that You need to change the firmware on your controller board to version GRBL 9j (grbl_v0_9j_atmega328p_16mhz_115200.hex) because the different versions of the firmware uses different pins on the board

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    Hello friends!
    My laser diode, that was installed at this module was degrade shortly, after one month of a making the foto and then cutting them. I find the 6W diode on the EBAY and soldered it on the place. The voltage is 4.2V, but the current is low - only 2A so, I have only 3,3W of the laser power. It can work on a 6W. Somebody know, how to add some mA's from this driver board? I think, that this operates by the VR1 variable resistor, that is not present on the board... Can somebody help me? )
    (You can see the work of original laser diode from eleksmaker on my video here https://youtu.be/5HzGsgfeAPU, and a litle lifehack with air flow using the compressor - I make it for the russian auditory, so the language of this clip is russian, if You need some questions, I'll be happy to answer)

  • @grom I am having the same issue but strange that it is occurrring on the controller which you say it always work for you!!!
    My laser does not have any button, just the control board. When I press the left red button, laser turns on immediatelly with full power and never stops until I turn off the Switch.
    Pressing the right red button it works as a pointer (weak laser).
    Do you know where you get the firmware that was working? I tested with several tools and all the same.

  • @niero , I met with a similar problem. A friend with this controller had a 2500 mW laser without TTL. His laser did not shine just in sight. I soldered a potentiometer to the laser.

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