Laser (500mw) on EleksMill is weak and will not burn

  • Thanks for the safety reminder. I always wear proper eye protection. I have tried twisting the lens to change the focal length of the laser as well as adjusting the laser height from the work piece. No matter what I do, I cannot achieve a bright point of light.

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    you can try connect the laser module directly to 12V output ,

    If that failed , you can email to banggood and ask for a replace new one~

  • ElekMaker Develop Department


    and make sure you are under correct Manual Focus with the knob on the button of the laser module

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  • Thanks for your help. I tired the direct connection to the 12v output and focused it to the tightest beam possible with no luck. No matter how long it is left on, the surface of paper or wood will not burn and the area never gets hot. I will contact Banggood to arrange a replacement.

  • @EleksMaker-Z I am having the exact same problem with the default 500mw laser module being too weak and unable to focus. Additionally, does this laser module has a focussing lens as I cannot locate it fitted on the module nor in the tool/screw box. Also, there is no knob on the button of the laser module.

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    If you have a EleksMill, then you can focus your laser by lifting or lowering Z-axis. If you have not movable Z-axis, you can focusing your laser only by adjusting height of burnable surface. There are no adjustable lens in 500mw round shaped laser.

  • @MuuSer Thank you for the help. I am just getting started and presently using Elekscam software to burn some basic letters and in built images with no luck. Can you suggest a speed for the focussed beam to produce the burning effect on a simple cardboard/wood supplied with the machine.

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    You are welcome. :) I have no practice with 500mw laser, but i think that with full power and speed between 1000-2000 millimetres per minute you can get nice deep result. With 5.5W laser I use for engraving wood 20% power with speed 2000...

  • @MuuSer How do I control the power - is it a software thing or some dial on the hardware?

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    It is definitely software thing, but depends from hardware. Is your laser capable driven with power settings (PWM) or weaker power must be achieved by "blinking" laser at high speed (TTL or just with power line).

  • Today I detected that the focus lens was all loose in my laser and I also detected that you can take apart the laser quite easily. just turn the lowest ring where the beam should leave the laser and you can turn until it came lose from laser part.
    If you look there I had to move the brass part with the lens in it screw it back together and test it, take it apart again change the position and so on until you get a good solid small beam. Just superglue it together and and you have a working laser. You can also turn the end slightly to do some fine adjustement afterwords

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    @Martin-Tellblom hey martin. It sounds like you have one of the 7000mw or higher lasers with the unfocusable lens. As you found it is not completely unfocusable but most people with this style of laser end up having to move the laser with a z axis or move the material up and down. I'm glad you found a way to adjust it that works for you. For most of us if you turn the nob on the end of the laser where the light comes out, it adjusts the beam. So that is how we focus. No need for most people to take the lens all the way off. I only mention this because it may confuse others that you had to remove the lens to adjust the under lens.

  • @nottingham82 No I have the 500mW that comes with the EleksMill kit

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    Oh yes that is also a "non focusable laser". The intent is that you use the z axis on the mill to focus it but your way works too.

  • @Martin-Tellblom It might be a little late, but I focused my 500mw laser by turning the bottom of ring of the round housing.
    Minimally, the next person reading this thread might be able to focus their laser quicker than I could.

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