Source for spare parts?

  • After my first module stopped working, I bought a replacement. Unfortunately, this new replacement did not appear to work either, until I finally realised (thanks to this forum and forum) that it was actually the driver from my original 2.5W laser that was causing all the issues and both my laser modules themselves work fine.

    So my only options to get my laser back up and running now (without spending a lot of money) is to either repair the driver board or replace it. Since I don't have any experience with repairing any sort of circuitry, I need to find a replacement driver board.

    Is there anyone here who may know of anywhere that may sell these boards? or even have suggestions of how to repair the board?

    This seems to be the model

    Could these cracks be a culprit possibly?


    This is the driver board I mean, on a 2.5W laser with PWM

  • EleksMaker CEO

    Looks like an inductor damaged,Model is 10UH,we have this driver board, if you want to get a new,you need pay for shipping by yourself.
    but If you buy less than 3 months from Banggood,You can ask for a free replacement

  • @EleksMaker I'm fairly sure I bought it from banggood less than 3 months ago, so I will email them and request a replacement.
    Just in case the request with banggood doesn't work out, how much would it cost with shipping for the board?

  • @EleksMaker I just checked, and I am unfortunately 6 days past the 3 month deadline, so would you be able to let me know the pricing for a new board, or send me a personal message with the price? That'd be great, Thanks

  • EleksMaker CEO

    @yankers you can email to
    We will send one to you, but need to charge cost and shipping.

  • @EleksMaker okay, thankyou very much

  • Did you ever get a repair? I'm within 2 months of purchase from banggood, but they refuse to help me, they just keep asking for videos of the machine not working and then don't reply. My machine ran for less than an hour before the laser quit working. It now turns on but doesn't have enough power to engrave anything.

    How much was the board and shipping if you got it, and did it fix your problem?

  • @mostlydave I have had my laser for more than 3 months so I knew I wasn't going to get any free replacements, and I don't think anywhere sells the driver boards I need separately and commercially, but Eleksmaker has contacted me and are willing to arrange with the manufacturer to send me the board by itself at my cost ($10). I can't speak for anyone else, but I call that good service from Eleksmaker on their part

  • @EleksMaker Hi, I have bought an Eleksmaker A3 engraver on BANGGOOD march 30 2017 but I assembly it just two weeks ago. I have a problem with, the laser doesn't burn, when the power is set to "max" the laser light is very low. After measures, I find on laser command board permanent +12v between red wire and black wire and +5v on the yellow wire (TTL). This is on the 3 wires plug near the switch. On the laser light plug (LD+ and LD-) I only read +5.02v.
    I think the board is out of order. What do you think about it?
    I work in micromecanic and electronic repair station for Air France Industry company.
    Unfortunatly, the Banggood warranty is out and I would like to buy a new SW-LD45 V3.0 card or a new laser with SW-LD45 V3.0 card.
    Let me know the price and shipping cost for these two options:

    • only the SW-LD45 V3.0 card
    • laser with card
      I live in France, I hope that it is not a problem for shipping.
      Best regards.
      Michel Pointeau.

  • @EleksMaker @mostlydave I've got the same problem overhere, warranty was out, was not so helpfull at all, its was also the first and the last time i bought something from them.
    All they could offer me was that i could send it back (the driver) and i could get a new one , only i had to pay the shipping and that was $180 (some like €155)! Thats insane.
    Hopefully i can get one when i email !

  • @EleksMaker-CEO still got no Reply from John , please can u help me?

  • @M1K3rSz said in Source for spare parts?:

    @EleksMaker-CEO still got no Reply from John , please can u help me?

    really Nobody?





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