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    I have a problem since buying namely:

    The laser moves forward but not from left to right
    The central engine seems HS

    I tried everything as software benbox, eleksmaker, laserweb3 and 4 nothing nor done

    So far I have had a satisfactory answer from banggood

    Thank you for your help and cordially


    j'ai un problème depuis l'achat à savoir :

    le laser se déplace avant arrière mais pas de gauche à droite
    le moteur central semble HS

    j'ai tout essayé comme logiciel benbox, eleksmaker, laserweb3 et 4 rien ni fait

    jusqu'ici je n'ai eu de réponse satisfaisante de la part de banggood

    merci de votre aide et cordialement

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    Remove benbox.

    Flash the elekscam RST ROM? Follow instructions here

    After you remove benbox and flash the appropriate elekscam RST, disconnect the belts. Use elekscam to check if motors move correctly.

    If motor move correctly, reconnect the belts. You will have to adjust the belt tension to permit correct movement.

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    If one axis works and the other doesn't you can check the motor by switching the wires. If it still doesn't work than you likely have a bad motor. If it does work, than you know it's either a bad wire or a bad driver on the board.

  • @mrmister


    après bien des recherches in fructueuses j'ai par hasard tourner la vis du potentiomètre de x et le moteurX fonctionne
    mais maintenant le laser ne fonctionne plus


    After many fruitful searches I accidentally turn the x potentiometer screw and the motor X is running
    But now the laser no longer works

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