Newbie Question regarding 445nm 2.5w laser module

  • Hi
    After following the advice of an ebay seller I purchased a 2.5w laser to go on my EleksMaker A3 frame.

    There is a 12v power supply, However there seems to be no connection point on the module to connect it to the Mana SE circuit board controller

    Pictures below are of the laser I have
    2_1491930824497_s-l500 (5).jpg 1_1491930824497_s-l500 (4).jpg 0_1491930824496_s-l500 (3).jpg

    If this is the wrong type of laser could somebody advise which 2.5w laser module I need to purchase?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    You can run it from the motor connector on the Eleks Mana SE board, but it's not as good as a TTL laser with 3 wires.

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