Mana SE board shorted on arrival, Laser has wrong connector?

  • The Mana SE board makes a short as soon as you turn on power.
    The laser has a 12v round jack instead of the 3 pin connector.
    Banggood's customer service is bad and told me to post here.

    Mana Board needs to be replaced, obvious.
    How to make the Laser work on the mana board?!0_1492114532641_IMG_20170411_192403.jpg

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    That laser will only work on the "motor" connector via PWM, you will have to cut off the plug and re-wire it.

  • Check the 16V capacitor on the mana se board if you are getting a short. I had that problem and removing the capacitor solved it.

  • @pledgy thanks for the reply. Removing that capacitor did i deed work. Would you advise me to replace it?

  • @Zax thank you for your reply. If i connect it to the red motor port on the mana board, is that all I have to do? Or do I need to make adjustments in the software or do I need that extra pcb that I see on other lasers?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    The motor and laser port are both enabled by default, so no changes are necessary.

    The only difference is the motor port is switched 12V from the MOSFET (which is driven by D11 on the Nano) and the laser port has 12V and the signal from D11 (TTL/PWM).

    So a 2 wire laser needs to use the switched motor port.

  • EleksMaker CEO

    Can you give me look at your purchase screenshot,Your laser module is a separate purchase?

  • @EleksMaker here is the screenshot I purchased them seperately indeed, because the lasers are illigal in my country and IF the laser would be picked out from customs, the machine would still arrive. The laser didnt work when I Mcguyvered the connection, but I will go and buy correct connectors etc tomorrow and post the result here

  • EleksMaker CEO

    Because you buy the laser module is not we offer, he just to use our brand, so the port is not the same

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