Using A3 Laser frame to test Tangential Knife software.

  • Hi, can you post more details?

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    That is really awesome.

    What software are you using to het the knife to respond to the code.

  • That was inkscribe and Gcode tools extension. I used the Z axis on a 3 axis board and changed the A or C axis (can't reme which) that gcode tools outputs to Z to work with grbl. I will dig out some more info when I get to my PC.

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    If you are cutting vinyl a drag knife would be easier, but for thicker material a tangential knife is better. T2Laser already calculates the vector so you can apply power adjustment to compensate for wood grain so it would be fairly easy to drive an axis (or perhaps full rotation servo).

  • @pledgy Man, please, send to us this information :-)

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