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  • Can you explain the role of each Input/output part ?
    For example, i don't understand the servo and Motor Outputs, and the eight yellow I/O on the right bottom corner.
    I starts in cnc , and all this is not easy.

  • The yellow connector is for an external Bluetooth adapter, in case you want to control your CNC wirelessly, like from your phone or tablet. The "Z" axis servo moves the CNC spindle up and down, the "Y" servo(s) moves the spindle left and right, (there are two connectors because the larger engravers need two motors to move effectively) and the "X" servo moves the spindle forwards and backwards.

  • @bnaivar

    Oh yeah, the "Laser" connection is for a laser engraver module, and the "Motor" connector is for the spindle motor. I'm not 100% sure, but I think the "Servo" connector is for the types of laser modules that have a pulse control.

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    @bnaivar Not exactly.

    The laser connector is for a 3-wire TTL laser.
    The motor connector is for a 2-wire non-TTL laser or a spindle motor (it is a 12VDC switched output using the MOSFET).
    The servo connector... well that's for a servo like the EleksDraw or EleksEgg.

  • @Zax Yes, you are correct. I forgot about the servo use n EleksDraw. Thanks.

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