Missing parts from kit

  • I just finished building my kit and came up short two screws. The two missing screws are the ones used to mount the circuit board to the bottom plate. I'm assuming they're supposed to be the long ones (i.e. the ones used for mounting the lower assembly of the "tubes" to the top of the upper plate) since the short ones don't seem to have enough clearance to hold the nut securely.

    How do I go about requesting replacements?

  • My kit was ALSO missing those same two screws. So, someone is not putting the correct number of screws in the kit. Sad. I still attached the component, but only used the two screws available. It holds everything together okay, just does not look very good with two empty screw holes.

  • Had the same problem. All 12 of the bigger screws were missing. Ended up ordering from Amazon - M5 (5mm x 12mm) Hex Socket Head Cap Screw Bolts

  • Given the comments here and on Kickstarter, I'd say that missing hardware--particularly those longer hex-head screws--are a common problem.

  • That's unfortunate but kind of funny, I was given the assembled clock as a gift and it came with two spares of each fastener (as best I can tell, looks like it based on the construction and assembly video but I haven't taken mine apart yet) along with some other parts, spare battery, and allen wrenches.

  • Same here. All 12 M5's missing plus one longer M3.
    Was lucky to have all of the screws in my stock - but annoying that parts are missing in an assembly kit.
    -> Quality assurance failure ... as to be observed in other companies nowadays.

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