EleksCAM丨V3.1.0 Release 4.16.2017丨Full AutoMatic Engraving SoftWare

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    EleksCAM丨V3.1.0 Release 4.16.2017丨Add SVG Carving / Mode Switch / Pen Up And Down Numeric Input


    EleksCAM Release v3.1.0 v Update Log :


    Attention : you need uninstall the EleksCAM v2.0.8000 First in Software manager

    DownLoad EleksCAM Release v3.1.0 v

    DownLoad EleksCAM instrution

    DownLoad VC windows 32bits

    DownLoad VC windows 64bits


    Add Mode Switch Function

    in this version of EleksCAM , we add auto mode switch function , you dont need Manual input switch code any more ,
    just click Select Machine in EleksCam and then your machine is ready for your projects.




    Add Directly SVG Input Function

    Now , you can directly input SVG files into EleksCAM and Start Carving


    Add Pen Up And Down Numeric Input Function

    In the past , when you use servo in EleksCAM , it is difficult to set exact values , but now , you can just input the Servo Angle in EleksCAM


    Upgrade Built in firmware to EleksROM v3.8

    Now , the EleksCAM built in firmware version is upgrade to EleksRom v3.8 , theoretically you dont need EleksROM anymore.

    EleksRom V3.7 Instruction
    In this version , you can just type one line Gcode to the controller to switch system mode.
    A0 Laser Mode
    A1 Servo Mode
    C0 XY Machine Mode
    C1 CoreXY Machine Mode
    E1 EleksLaser  Default: 80/80/Laser Mode/XY Machine Mode //x,y step/mm /Model /Machine Type
    E2 EleksDraw   Default: 100/100/Servo Mode/CoreXY Machine Mode //x,y step/mm /Model /Machine Type
    E3 EleksEgg    Default: 20/20/Servo Mode/XY Machine Mode //x,y step/mm /Model /Machine Type
    E4 EleksMill   Default: 400/400/400/Laser Mode/XY Machine Mode //x,y,z step/mm /Model /Machine Type
    All Machine Default Acceleration is 200, you can type this in Gcode Sender to change the Acceleration:
    $120=500(or whatever acceleration you want) //X Axis
    $121=500(or whatever acceleration you want) //Y Axis
    $122=500(or whatever acceleration you want) //Z Axis


    Fix some small BUGs

    We fix some small bugs in EleksCAM old version

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    Why jogging in control tab to +X direction sends code to opposite direction and vice versa?


    There are also punch of strange behaviour what I need to inspect and its take time.

    But first installation (after uninstalling old) of new version not draw at all even a simple included outline dolphin. Just lifts the pen up and down and made strange movements when pen was up. When pen was down, not moves at all and just waits something. Same as old version did with some SVG's. Uninstalled - reinstalled old version - all works as before. Uninstalled old, reinstalled new, now it works, but SVG's are as in old days. Some of them draw, some of not. Tested with EleksEGG as EleksDRAW is not home yet. Will test it tomorrow.

  • Active Member

    In PicCarve FoldLine & LineByLine are switched. So rendering LineByLine selected produces error, but after continue we get FoldLine instead. And with FoldLine selected, we get without error just a LineByLine rendering.

    But one good news also - SVG files are now in scale, so there is no rush any more to make SVG carving scalable. Thanks. :)

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    What does FoldLine do?

  • Active Member

    Folded lines (left side of dolphin) versus line by line (right side):

    or better clearness:

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @MuuSer Thanks! I already have a similar option, and also a feature to add vector trace around the outline to make it sharper.

  • Active Member

    the gif really paints the picture. good job @MuuSer .

    I love that they added those avengers pics.

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    sry,i will fix x movement today, thx

  • Active Member

    Set home coordinates options are missing.

    alt text

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    you can try pull down the software cause the reslution maybe a little longer~

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    X reverse Fixed , thanks @MuuSer

  • Active Member

    Thanks, @EleksMaker-Z. But now I have doubts about my memory. I remember that earlier, when I started a job with Start button, then it replaced with Stop button, but not any more. Now I can't stop the work, only pause and this means I mast restart EleksCAM and also a machine as otherwise home coordinates will be wrong. Was that in my dream or something have got lost with new version? :)

  • @MuuSer don't think you were dreaming I had a stop button not tried the corrected version yet.

  • Active Member

    That Stop button lives it's own life. Sometimes it appears, sometimes not. Almost fascinating and strange. :)

  • @MuuSer Just installed version with corrected X direction and have not managed to recreate your problem. So far the stop button appears every time. I have tried BMP and SVG so far.

  • Active Member

    Yes, @pledgy. I had in my home computer earlier V3.1.0. Present version of V3.1.0 can invoke Stop button but has still problems with some SVG's.
    But hey - even city of Rome wasn't built in a day...

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    @EleksMaker-Z said in EleksCAM丨V3.1.0 Release 4.16.2017丨Full AutoMatic Engraving SoftWare:

    you can try pull down the software cause the reslution maybe a little longer~

    When I change the size of the elekscam window, I still can not see all the option for home coordinates.

  • Active Member

    Still have to use "RUN as Adminstrator" to get outline mode to work.

    Installed the corrected "X" reverse version, and still can not see all option for Home Coordinates..... using Windows 7 64bit.

  • Active Member

    VC Windows 32bits and VC Windows 64bits, download as VC Install x 32.exe

    Where is the 64bit version for VC Windows? And do I install the VC Windows 64 because I am using a 64bit operating system.

  • EleksMaker CEO

    Sorry, there was an error copying,It has been modified,thanks for reminding

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