Create User Manual for Elekscam

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    Where is the User Manual for Elekscam?

    In Pic Carve Mode:
    What is RealPoint?
    What is Outline?
    What is scan?
    What is point?

    Why do SCAN and POINT only make dots?

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    RealPoint follows pixel by pixel black areas and drag a line until it is in that black area. There are two differences: Folded Line and LineByLine. First one acts like scribbler and tries to fill that black area by zigzag, other one just draws across lines over the drawing where is a black area.

    Outline just draws contour of black areas.

    Scan makes half-tone pictures by dots with so called dithering method where in darker area are more dots and in lighter fever.

    Point just instead of lines fills black area with dots.

    And parameter Point says, how long that point or dot will made in milliseconds. It important for lasering dots, not so important for pens.

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