Can T2 laser support Z axis and rotation

  • OK, so I think I have found the answer to my own question!.
    From what I see on the bang good web site for the A3 pro is two output drive card the mana se. This has two drivers one of which is a double output for the 2 Y motors.
    For the Z axis add on I would need the 3 output board version which adds another driver for the Z.
    I was getting confused by the fact that the engraver had 3 steppers to drive and would therefore need a 3 axis controller.
    Got it!

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    @DavidF You are correct. The 2 Y-axis steppers are just in parallel from one driver, one connector has the coils swapped so it goes in the opposite direction. Their 3-axis Mana CNC or a similar board will do what you want.

  • Great, thanks Zax, your customer support is proving to be exemplary!



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    @DavidF Thanks :thumbsup:

    Of course just having customer support is a bonus, but I also listen to and integrate ideas from users so T2Laser is a collaboration which makes it a much better and more capable software.

  • The laser arrives today so you'll be getting a few questions over the coming weeks I'm sure:-)

  • Hi,

    I have a different thing in mind.

    I am planning to buy a z-axis for my A3 pro. But instead of motor or laser I am planning to use it for hot foil printing. I will attach a pen with a hot nib which will press the foil against the substrate and produce the imprint. I am thinking the z-axis will produce the necessary extra pressure to transfer the foil to the substrate.

    The working principal of hot pen is here
    Youtube Video

    Any Idea if this will work? Will really appreciate a reply from Zax or anyone else.

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    @Ritabrata-Mukherjee Yes it will work, it's no different to a vinyl cutter (drag knife) or ink pen.

  • Thanks Zax. Will post my experience here.

  • @Zax I have found a rotary axis on the Banggood site that has a standard NEMA stepper but it has a reduction belt. If I am correct in my thinking I should be able to move the connector from the X axis stepper to the Rotary stepper and that would provide me with rotation for the X axis and the Y axis would work normally. I also have ordered a z-axis from Banggood so I will be using the 3 axis controller. Is there a way I can compensate for the step down ratio in T2 Laser? It is a 1:4 ratio(1200 pulses / revolution). Thanks, bor

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Bor Yes, that's calculated and handled automatically in the rotary setup screen.

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