A4899 vs DRV8825

  • I had to swap out a bad stepper controller, and I opted for a DRV8825 as my replacement. It works great, and is noticeably quieter. The problem is the default configuration of 1/32 instead of 1/16.
    Most 3D printers have a jumper that allows me to change this. But I couldn't find any such jumper on the Mana SE.
    Is there a trace I can make / break on the Mana SE board to accommodate the DRV8825?
    If not, what is the best option?
    A modification of the ROM file?
    A Gcode command I can set when I first power it up?

    Right now, as a workaround, I am simply doubling the desired size of the printed graphic. But an option that I can set and forget would be nice.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  • I might have found my own answer already. It looks like I need to cut the MODE0 and MODE1 pins on the driver, then it should default to 1/16. I will try it in the morning and report back.

    BTW, If anyone else is planning on swapping to DRV8825s, remember, the adjustable Potentiometer is on the Left side, not the right side like it is with the A4899.

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    Maybe it helps if you multiply pulse values by 2 in EleksCAM Config tab and save them?

  • I'll try that before I cut the pins. Thank you.
    I know on the old version of cam, there was a default number in there, but there isn't on the latest. Does anyone remember what that default number was? I think it was 400?

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    Only need Pluse multiplied by 2

  • what is the default for pulse? it isn't visible in the new version. 400?

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    About what you are talking? EleksDRAW, A5/A3 or EleksEGG? And it must be seen if your machine is connected. Pulse depends about hardware.

  • Sorry, the A3. I should have included that.

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    For A3 the default must be 80, for EleksMILL 400.

  • @MuuSer Thank you

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