Installation Issue

  • I just finished assembly my EleksDraw. Got to the point of Downloading EleksCam3.1.
    I downloaded it and unzipped.
    My computer is Windows 10
    Double-clicked on EleksCAM.exe and nothing happened, and no message on the screen
    Can anyone tell me what the issue is?
    Thank you

  • Additional Information: The download of EleksCAM3.1 did not have SETUP like normal WINDOWS app, like shown on the web site (Install Shield stuff). I wonder if the download link points to an incorrect version or the version posted was incomplete?

  • Hey msufilip,
    I have also a win10 and downloaded the same version, there is no install indeed.
    It s working on my side.
    A couple of things that you can try : at several places I see that you need some additionnal packages from Microsoft to make the software work,
    On this page : download and install :
    NET Framework 4.0
    VC windows 64bits

    Then try to launch elekscam in admin mode (right clic, launch as admin)
    I hope that this will help !
    Good luck !

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