Laser wont go back to burn mode

  • I'm having a problem where I finally got everything running but not the laser won't go on to burn mode, it stays in a light mode
    so this is what I did:
    1- I installed EM software wrong, so I tried T2 and when I set up the driver I think, it made the laser go on full burn ....... would not turn back down.
    2- now I uninstalled everything and did it all again using just EM software this time following specific steps, but now the laser won't go on to cutting mode

    i have both red buttons down during set up and running but really I have no clue what I'm doing

    HELP !!!

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    @DSL3D what control board do you have

  • I think I have the mama so,
    so I tried to unplug the cutter, shut shown the program, put the 2 buttons on the off position and try to run it again, but now it won't turn on the burning laser and stays in low power unless I plug the laser to the 12v power supply
    overall, it looks like the computer can't control the on or off of the laser
    no matter what I do I can't control the laser power from the computer
    I can't get pulse "dots" to work

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    @DSL3D post a picture of your board; I do not understand what you mean by "two button"

    What is your native language?

    See self made install suggestions

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