Software not running on my laptop

  • how can I get this software to work

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @rick25 What software? What error are you getting?

  • I connected my eleksdraw machine and installed the software on my laptop installed the C340 driver
    but on starting the elekscam software I get the startup screen and then a few seconds later get an error message. The software will not start, I have tried it on a windows 7 and a windows 10 laptop. any ideas on this would be helpful.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @rick25 No sorry, I've never used their software.

  • I hope this help you There are a few recordings and instructional exercises on building the Eleks Laser, especially the GearBest (and Banggood) models. Be that as it may, most need points of interest, especially with the product setup.

    The following are a few clues and tips for building your Gearbest or Banggood Eleks Laser Engraver. The Instructable above has the points of interest, yet I found these things as I went through the means in their instructional exercise.

    1 Use the 1cm screws with nuts on the edge. Not the 1.2cm or 1.5cm jolts.

    2 GearBest incorporates two little LED "dongles" similarly as toys. Not utilized by the laser. In the event that you connect them to a USB port on PC, they will illuminate. That is it, not all that much.

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