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    @Usti74 Does the laser work correctly?

    Do you get the "Grbl Ready" message when connecting?

  • Hi Zax,
    Connected COM3 115200
    Grbl Ready

    "Laser Pulse" works correctly!

    Only the axes are dead. I also tried on another pc but nothing

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Usti74 That's strange then, you know it has power since the laser works but none of the motors move. I'm not sure how that would happen, time to do some diagnostics work.

    Put it in debug mode and see what firmware you have loaded, hopefully my build of Grbl 1.1e.

    Try disconnecting all but one motor and see if that works, wondering if there's a short or something in the cable.

  • Hi zax I changed the PC as I have to do to activate the laser t2?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Spiderman License related issues must be handled by e-mail, please reply to your original registration e-mail if possible and let me know what help you need.

  • @Zax The servo motor doesn't work anymore. I am sure that it is because it thinks I am using a laser engraver although I use the EleksDraw but when I try to change it it just spits out errors and I cannot flash the board with more up to date software et cetera. Everything works like a charm except the servo and I tested multiple and none seem to work. Any ideas on how to solve the problem? I have a genuine Nano as my microprocessor atm.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Anima If you have an EleksDraw you can only use Eleks Mana firmware, it needs CoreXY and servo support.

  • Hi Zax,
    i'm having some beginner issues. I bought a Eleksmaker A3 pro. So fare I have installed Elekscam and found that it is not at all reliable and very limited. T2 laser seems far more useful for my purposes, but I have not been able to successfully connect it with my machine. After loading the default 1.1e Firmware, whenever I try to send the G-code to my machine, the laser flashes on for a second and then either nothing happens or it tells me that the Port is closed.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Konrad When you connect do you get the Grbl Ready message?

    If not, double check the COM port and baud rate (115200 with my default firmware).

    Once you are connected, if it disconnects this is usually a bad cable or power saving on the port.

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