Straight vs Diagonal?

  • Hello Everyone,

    I've been following this forum for a while and I finally got my first engraver yesterday. Put it together, fired up the Trial version of T2 Laser and have been playing with the machine.

    I tried a few test engraves with the EleksCAM software. it works.

    When I fired up T2 Laser and when I move the X Y axis of the system via the interface, whenever I ask it to move along one axis it tends to move on both and when I ask it to move on both axis (diagonally) it is moving straight. Which also means the engraving is at a 45 degree angle (and mirrored) for some reason.

    Is there a simple fix for this?

    //Update : Fixed.
    The board was set for Eleksdraw and since that uses a different drive mechanism, I can see why everything was running diagonally.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @vijayanands T2Laser and my default Grbl 1.1e firmware is the best setup, you will get faster and smoother motion compared to the Eleks configuration and there are advanced features available like homing switches, real time overrides (laser power and feed rate), dynamic laser power and more.

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