Duplicate objects for cut-out

  • @Zax I'm trying to code the Custom Buttons. I figured out how to move along the X axis like I want, but I can't figure out how to get the X Maximum. What I'd like to do is set the button to move the laser along the X axis, the distance of X Maximum and then move it 5mm more. Problem is, X Maximum may be different depending on the object that I'm burning. Is there any way to have the button 'read' the X Maximum value from the object I'm burning? Or am I going to have to reset the button for each object?
    Also, can you put more than one command on a button? I'd like to be able to move the laser and reset the home with one click. Here's what I've tried G91G00X50;G92X0Y0. This moves the laser, but ignores the reset home command. If I remove the semicolon, I get error:24.

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    @rlambert No unfortunately the buttons are "dumb" but that's actually a nice idea for improvement. You can include multiple commands, separate the lines with a | (pipe) symbol the same method as text entry in Sketch.

  • @rlambert I would create the duplicates in another image control suite and then import the pattern of duplicated images. I am assuming your using the EleksMaker Evolution Desktop CAM V3.# suite? I am and have found it to be very rudimentary in terms of image manipulation. I successfully used Windows paint to duplicate my pattern. You have to decide how many you want to put on your cutter at once and duplicate that many and their orientation and save that as a .jpeg or .bmp and then you can import the tiled pattern and go for it!

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    @TobyTobiasToader I'm pretty sure he's using T2Laser (given that this post is in the T2Laser section and I don't think Eleks supports custom buttons).

  • @TobyTobiasToader, @Zax TobyTobiasToader, thanks for the input, but as Zax says above, I'm using T2 Laser. I tried creating an image with about 5 duplicates of the original, the time to burn was unacceptable. Over an hour for 5 wreath cutouts that were 50x50. Zax, thanks for the help with the pipe, I tried about everything but that... go figure.

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    @rlambert I would personally use vector, much faster. If you need it filled just add some hatch fill.

  • Thanks Zax, I'll try that. BTW, this code G91G00X46|G92X0Y0 works perfectly in the custom button. I just change the x distance (in this case 46) to be 1 mm wider than the object I'm burning. Burn one, press the button, burn another. Fast and simple. Thanks again.

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    @rlambert Awesome. I'm glad you found a workable solution. The custom buttons can be really useful.

  • @Zax I hate to keep bugging you, but the vector has me stumped. I know the trace creates the vector and it is much faster. What I'm trying to do though is create cutouts to be used to make Christmas ornaments. For instance, I want to cut out a gingerbread man but I don't want his features to be cut out, just engraved. Using Sketch Plus (Overlay) with Multi Pass set at 2, this works. But only the outline is vectorized. Is there a way I can create the whole image as a vector and do 2 passes on only the outline? Am I making sense?

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    @rlambert You can do the engraving as raster and then a multi-pass cut out for the outer path, but if you trace the entire image it will all be vector and get multiple passes. If you import it as a DXF you could use different colors for the engraving and cut but currently it doesn’t support multi-pass (but you can easily add multiple paths in the DXF for the same result).

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