Red LED at D8 on Main Board

  • Recently, my clock seems to have decided to pack it in. It's been running well (if somewhat fast) for the last few months. Then, a few days ago, I noticed that the display had frozen. I power-cycled it and the display just came up with a "1" in the left most place (it's a 6-"tube" version), then the display shut off.

    I hooked it up to my system and ran the software. It seemed to allow me to set the time and everything seemed to be running just fine--for about 12 hours. Then it froze up again.

    At this point, all it will do is display the "1" and go dark. The desktop software seems to function normally when the display is connected to it, but the display doesn't light. When the unit has power, though, there is a red LED located at D8 on the main board that turns on.

    Does anyone have any idea what that LED indicates? I've been looking around, but documentation is... elusive.

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