Stepper motors not moving

  • @Bertus-Martena Glad that it sorted your problem. I am from the UK. I have Facebook Dave Pledge

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  • I have a A5 EleksLaser 2.5W, i'm using EleksCAM 3.1; Control tab works, i can move the laser Y-, Y+, X-, X+, it sets home and moves the laser on it when requested, but When i push the start button the laser is switched on but motors do not move so it keeps on burning the same point. What do i have to do?

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    change your windows regional settings from , to .

    Basically your windows is putting in commas in the g code which the laser cant read. It has do to a windows setting.

  • @nottingham82 thank you, i will try to change them!

  • @EleksMaker-Z
    I guess I have the same problem, I’ve already tried benbox, elekscam, grbl... but there’s no sign of motor... if I connect the usb port to the pc, a green light and red would turn on... then if I switch on the power button a blue light will turn on in just a second then it will turn off. I also tried to insall in different pc maybe because my pc is old enough, but it’s still the same problem.

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    @skiprock5 Have you tried T2Laser and my firmware? It's almost 100% success rate for many people that can't get their machines to work.

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    your power supply may have failed.

  • Hi...i am a new user here. As per my understanding It could be a software issue. We're you able to get your firmware installed. Does everything else work as expected? Could also be a belt tension issue. Probably too tight if that is the problem. Could be stepper drivers need their voltage turned up. Could also be that your wheels on the gantry are too tight. Does it move freely when every thing is turned off?

    board assembly

  • My problem is the axes move's haltingly, and the blue LED flashes on my EleksMaker controller, it does not light up continuously. I use Candle, the connection is established. The status is Idle.
    But the spindle does not rotate, the axes move only in several steps. My machine is the EleksA3 laser machine, + EleksMaker Z axis + EleksMaker® 555 Spindle Motor. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is? Thank you in advance for your help

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