mana cnc controller v2.1

  • hallo i am useing mana cnc controller v2.1
    i have isseu whit x axes if i push the button on benbox for letf x carrier goes to left if i push the button for right the x carrier goes again lefl side
    i swap over all the wire tried an oder stepper motor

    same issue

    how can i solve this issue ???

    thank you

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  • this is my settings firmware is uploaded well the y asex motors drive well forward and back only issue is the x axes i have already changed whit oder 8 drivers that i have stok and also swapped motors and wires if i solvo this i can try the laser for the first time :D 2_1493176221512_2.PNG 1_1493176221512_1.PNG 0_1493176221511_0.PNG

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  • @mrmister ok i have the same settings still mij x carrige goes 1 direction notting madder if i push left or right on the benbox is wierd i have al ready change the stepper driver stil the same issue laser works well no problemm whit it only problem is that the x stepper will 1 dirrection

  • is it my be possibel to switch sockets in the set up so i can use z driver and connector as x ??


  • @Bertus-Martena I GOT TODAY NEW ELEKSMAKER MANA CNC CONTROLLER V2,1 and y anx carrier moves so as i will left rigt front and rear all the axis working good whit the new board

    i will send the old 1 back to the store

  • Hi to all. I have a issue but I am not 100% sure if it depends on the controller. It seems so but maybe something else.

    The scenario is the following:
    I got a A5 Eleks laser cutter/engraver 2500mA in a DIY box by a Gearbest promoter to review it by the end of past year. I found it almost good and well done in its simplicity but essential and of good construction. For more details and my impressions as reviewer you can see the Instructables article here: GearBest-Laser-Engraver-DIY-Kit-Assembly-Instructi

    As I already mention in the article and in other places the weak thing is the standard software provided by the distributore: Bembox. Is works with a lot of issues and many of the features and settings are not explained, requiring to spend a lot of time on the Internet to discover what can and what can't do based on the experiences of the users on the forums.

    One of the most problematic features is to find the good average between the speed and laser intensity; I have the suspect that it is not managed correctly or not managed at all as well as the low light pilot to position correctly the laser before starting. I have not yet understood when it works and when it decide that it is not the worth.

    Recently I have a couple of projects that absolutely need a laser engraving so I bought a bunch of perspex from Kitronic in UK. It is very good for laser engraving and works very well; no fusion, good lines etc.

    In the meantime I downloaded the Eleks CAD that support - following the poor but clear - instructions - this Eleks machine. Installed the drivers, connected the machine, upgraded the firmware etc. At this point I experience the following issues:

    • Axes does not moves and laser is always powered on
    • Axes moves but no laser at all
    • Nothin happens

    These weird behaviour occurs almost randomly after resetting the Windows 7 machine, powering off/on the laser and trying a complete restart.

    I focus at this point the attention on the board. I see that it is clearly a mana controller but it seems of a wrong series (or maybe an unauthorised clone?) The strange thing is a second button beside the power button that has not a clear usage. What I have discovered experimentally is that when the laser is always powered on low intensity (the guide light) with Bembox, this is the only way to disable this setting. But then the setting works only in some - unexplicable - conditions.

    I have to publish an article on laser engraving / cutting on (I am an accreditate author by a couple of years) but frankly I am not in the conditions to tell something good about this machine at the moment.

    In attach an image of the Eleks board I am using. Someone has some further test to do? Should I replace this board with a new one?

    Thank you in advance. Enrico

    Mana Board

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    @alicemirror Hello enrico. The old board your laser uses is not a Mana SE. It is probably the older L7 like I have. There are a couple of things you need to do. First delete benbox and forget about it. It is an end of life software that is no longer supported by its designers so just forget you met her.

    Second did you remove the nano and move the jumper under the nano to .9?

    Third are you running elekscam as the administrator. (you have to right click on the program and select it)

    Fourth have you changed your regional settings in windows to use a decimal (.) instead of a comma (,)

    To answer your question about the second button: the left button is power. The right button is low power so you can adjust the focus. If you arent adjusting the focus the button should be off. This button wears out and can just not work anymore like mine so if it doesnt work just use the software to turn the laser on low power.

    Lastly if you are in the market for new software, check out T2 Laser. It is free to try and rocks in my opinion. I have a video that will walk you though set up and the only step from above you would need is to move the jumper.


  • @nottingham82 Hello!
    Thank you very much for your precious suggestions. I will try in a while (as My Windows10 machine has been restored). Me too saw that benbox is not software at all but it was just sufficient to make the roadtest of the laser device. Before this I have not yet used a laser as I was integrating 3D printed components with Mill Machined plastic or metal. Then I though that this machine was the case to be integrated in my set of tools as I create new electronics and make prototypes.
    To be honest I almost disagree commercial products. Not because I want not to pay but because I am strongly oriented to OpenSource and OSHW as my project are too. But it will be interesting to take a look, maybe a very good software . For electronic circuits I have just bought Altium Circuit Studio and it costs a lot but it was the worth.

    The point is that I lived like nomad for more than one year until a month ago and now I finally was able to re-establish in Spain where I live and setup a good working lab so laser is a needed tool.

    I will keep you informed.

    Thank you in advance. Enrico

  • @nottingham82
    Hello again. Many thanks for the suggestion, now the hardware seems working with Elekslaser. I should only find what kind of software I will use to convert the images to gcode for the laser (Thinking to GRBL but not sure).

    Thank you again, the biggest step now is done. Enrico

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    @alicemirror there is a plugin for inkscape to convert to gcode. inkscape is freeware and opensource I believe

  • @nottingham82 Hello, yes I have found it. Now I should prepare then next week I am on travel; as I am back I will setup the plugin and see how it works.

    Kind regards. Enrico

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