Clock Is Failing!

  • My clock appears to be failing. After running normally (if too fast) for a few months, the two seconds digits started to "spasm" about a week ago. By "spasm," I mean that the color of the two digits started to rapidly flash among many colors, not stay steady. Now, this problem has spread to the minutes digit, so the problem is getting worse. I have tried to reset the clock, power it down and back up, etc., but nothing helps.

    At this point, it looks like some sort of motherboard failure. How do I get the motherboard replaced?

  • It appears that EleksMaker is not responding to these requests. I have also stated that my motherboard/clock controller has failed along with another user of this wiki, but we have not heard a response from EleksMaker at all. I have also posted a request on Banggood where my clock was purchased. Again without a response. I have also directly contacted EleksMaker at Again without a response. Hopefully with you request EleksMaker will respond. Very disappointing....

  • Steve,

    I heard back from They will provide you with a replacement clock controller board. Please send an email to them requesting a replacement. There is a nominal fee for the board and shipping.

  • @ib134866 : Thanks very much for helping and sorry for this delayed response; I've been busy with holiday preparations. I'll contact cs. Hopefully, the replacement mobo will also have a fix for the clock's accuracy!

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    @ib134866 too busy here..... so we are not response.....sry again

  • The clock has now essentially failed. Only the first digit lights up; the others do not light.

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