Prepping Files EleksDraw using T2 Laser

  • Thanks again @Zax -- I'll look into Inkscape as an alternative to Illustrator...

    If anyone else reading this has some kickass tutorial resources on setting up files -- specifically converting photographs into nice vector lines that can be drawn by the EleksDraw -- would love to see them!

  • Hello, I always use the function "trace image" in Illustrator. Then I have all the lines as vector graphics and can then draw them well with T2 Laser. I save the image then jpg and import it into the T2 laser software. Here is an example that I have painted.



  • Wow thats lovely @Rossi, thanks for sharing!

    When you export the image as a jpeg and import it into T2, do you just go straight into printing it, or are there any other steps you take in T2?

    Also, when its "drawing" does it draw those lines in a continuous line, or does it go up and down, plotting each segment from the top of the drawing to the bottom?


  • I am really struggling here and could use some more detailed guidance.

    My ElkesDraw will not draw images, vectors, or bitmaps in a continuous line. It continues doing up / down movements. This is despite using the trace tool in illustrator and the built in tool in V2. Can someone please provide a resource, or explain step by step, the process of generating an image that V2 will actually draw rather than "print".

    I'm getting a little frustrated here, as you can tell. Please help!

    IDEA: If someone can upload a file they know works with their ElkesDraw (drawing a continuous line) I can test it here locally and determine if this is a settings issue or my file prepping is all wrong.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Tristan-Copley-Smith I loaded the image below, clicked auto-trace and generated the G-code.


    Edit: Apparently I can't attach a G-code file so I will post as plain test, copy/paste to Notepad and save as then double click the G-code area in T2Laser and load it.

    Edit2: OK, so that didn't work either, the post was too long. Send me an e-mail and I will help you.

  • @Zax just did the same thing -- took image, fed into V2, clicked "trace", generated g-code, and the bastard is doing the old "up down, up down" ... I'll send you an email.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Tristan-Copley-Smith Are you actually tracing anything or just left clicking the trace icon?

  • OK! Yes I was just clicking the button -- I didnt realise you had to click the lines on the image to vectorise. To do the auto-vector you need to right click (as you said). Since I'm no a mac, I don't have one, but I did "control click" and nothing happened. I had to connect my bluetooth mouse which does have a right click, and now it works.

    Thanks for your help @Zax Zax!

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Tristan-Copley-Smith You don't need to use the mouse shortcut, you can click Auto-Trace in the Edit menu.


    Manual trace is extremely useful in some circumstances, for example a contour cut out when you just want the outline.

  • @Tristan-Copley-Smith I then use the Auto-Trace function in T2 Laser and he then draws all connected lines in one piece. He only interrupts for new areas.

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