Y Axis stuttering while moving

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    I would say same as Mr. Try to oil the bearings.

  • First thing, you do realize you have the x carriage upside down, right?
    Mine was tight as well. and I believe the stickiness is the rubber from the wheels compressing and getting flat spots because it is a little too tight.
    I ended up elongating the holes in the acrylic just a tiny bit, on the bottom holes only, so it isn't as hard to "pop" it onto the makerslide. and it made the flatspot problem much less severe.

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    This post is deleted!

  • I didn't notice it was upside down in the pic but maybe that's a better way, gives more clearance if you have strange shaped objects. the only downside I can think of might be the higher centre of gravity not sure if it would make much difference though.

  • @mrmister
    I didn't say make it sloppy, just not as tight. it still takes force to push it on the makerslide.
    As far a accuracy, I have no concerns. I was messing around with trying to cut through 1/8" oak. I ending up repeating the same square 30+ times and the line was dead on each time.
    BTW, after ~20 passes, there didn't seem to be any increase in the depth of cut, i think the smoke get locked in the groove and kills the beam. You can get deep enough to "snap" to the line it cuts, and that was good enough for what I was doing.

  • @EleksMaker-Z
    I have the same problem the Y carriage have some sticky points but the weels and the alluminium are ok.

  • Is your frame parallel and not getting wider at one end or the other.

  • @Massimiliano-Coros
    I'm sorry I want to say X axis have some sticky points

  • @Massimiliano-Coros
    The sticky X axis may be flat spots on the wheels. The new design with the black rubber "V" wheels is a little too tight on some machines, and when the carriage sits in one place for a while, it gets flat spots from being pulled against the maker slide so tightly.
    Try moving the carriage by hand, it the "sticky" spots match a full rotation of the wheels, this is probably your problem.
    Some have had luck with loosening the bolts and spacer nuts with the carriage on the makerslide to move them to the edges of the holes. Others have had to open the holes slightly to make enough room. Be careful, if you elongate the holes too much, the carriage will get loose enough to mess up accuracy.

  • @eleksuser
    I had a similar issue so I added 4 1/32 flat nylon washers so that the there was a smooth yet tight surface that allowed the wheels to spin, Other wise the wheels were dragging and some places the belt would slip. This immediately solved my problem. If you look at the X axis it has spacers on each side if the wheels but the Y axis does not so the nylon flat washers add that. It worked for me, not smooth as glass.

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