3D printed upgrades

  • Hey folks,
    as i got a 3d printer, i just asked myself: what could be improved by printing some parts ?
    any suggestions ?

    my first question is, how to solve the problem of the cables going to the laser and x motor.. mine just could accidentially go in the laserbeam...

  • I used cable chain attached with some 3D printed brackets you can just about see in this video. ignore the wire going to the stepper that was just a test but all the others are going through the chain.
    Youtube Video

  • @pledgy nice one..

    but i think my cables are to short to go that way.. did you used longer ones ?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Hans-Wurst The distance should be the same, instead of placing the wires in the channels they are in the drag chain. It is nice but not necessary, the channel method seems to work well enough, at least for me so far.

    Edit: Oh, maybe you are talking about the cables to the laser. I agree, maybe that is a problem and that drag chain is a big improvement. Nice!

  • im talkin about the cables of the x axis... they even to short to place them in the channels...

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Hans-Wurst Haha, yes. I figured that out after I posted. Sorry.

  • @Hans-Wurst Yes they are too short but I had to cut them as the plugs would not fit through the drag chain. Banggood sells the cables, I brought some more so I didn't have to cut the original ones. I used 10mm chain which is a bit too small to get all the cables through so I have 3 chains in total two on the Y and one on the X. @Zax It was not a necessity but I like to experiment and improve things its all part of the fun for me as much as using it. It is great that these things can be produced for this price and if they came with all these bits on them the cost would of most likely put me off buying.

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    @pledgy I agree, first thing I did was add home switches which in my opinion should be included as they make the machine so much better.

  • @Zax I am intending on fitting homing switches also but so far I have found it easy to move the object to the laser dot. To include switches would involve a redesign of the mana board so I dot see that happening for a while. Am I correct in thinking you have to change the source code to remove the Z homing on a two axis machine?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @pledgy Yes, the standard firmware I distribute with T2Laser supports homing, both x and y use N.O. switches in parallel on D9 so it's simple to connect.

    It allows you to have preset locations stored for jigs and go to them accurately, sure you can align manually each time but I do a lot of repeat work so this really speeds things up.

    I was used to them on my CO2 laser and CNC which both had them from the factory so I knew that was something I had to add.

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