T2 Laser and Ebay lasers

  • Has anyone had any success using T2 to control one of the generic $400 40 watt CO2 lasers from ebay?
    Any tips or advice?

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    @eleksuser I've had my 40W CO2 since '08, the controller board died so I replaced it with an Eleks L6 (which would now be the Mana CNC). It works great with T2Laser now, and I also added a Z-axis motor for focusing.

    If it's working I wouldn't replace the board, but if/when it fails the replacements are expensive so that would be a good time to consider it.

  • @Zax
    Thanks Zax,
    So, if I understand you correctly, The board it has now will not work, but I can can replace it with "EleksMaker® Mana 3 Axis Stepper Motor Controller Driver Board" and I'm good to go?

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    Correct. The current board, if anything like mine is proprietary and only works with their driver.

    The Mana SE (2 axis) would work too, I only used the L6 at the time as I wanted to add the z-stage motor.

    The motors aren't too difficult to connect, I took the connectors from the old board and used those to wire it up. The laser power on mine is controlled by a pot on the front panel so I only have on/off control, but some of the newer machines have a TTL input power supply for the laser driver. I only use it for cutting so it doesn't matter.

    I would add, the software my machine came with (NewlyDraw) wasn't great so T2Laser was a huge improvement but the newer systems have a Corel driver and work much better (I have a friend with one and he's happy using that for now, until the board dies).

  • @Zax Hi Zax, I have a question - I purchased a licensed for T2laser (love it so far) I am running the registered 1.4r , You had mentioned k40 laser and that T2 runs it or will run it. I am thinking about getting this one in the link provided but can I upgrade it to use this board with the link provided and T2laser also OR would I need another k40 - please help me decide, This one has some different bells and whistles, Lol. I only have 500 to work with total. I already have the A3 (two of them 2.5w) and a CNC with a woodpecker board. Here is the one I am looking at BUT all of the photos for the upgrade don't have the emergency stop button. Any advice or help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. http://www.ebay.com/itm/40W-CO2-Laser-Engraving-Cutting-Cutter-Machine-Engraver-USB-Port-High-Precise-/291826580676?epid=1572115580&hash=item43f2383cc4:g:90wAAOSwNuxXahQ6#shpCntId

  • Can I upgrade it to use with this board http://cohesion3d.com/cohesion3d-mini-laser-upgrade-bundle/

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    @LASERMAN T2Laser won't work with the standard K40 board but if you replace it with a Cohesion3D or any Grbl based board it will work.

  • @Zax so you are saying that it will work with the upgraded board Cohesion3D or any Grbl based board with this k40? There wouldn't be extra wires? I did not know if there are extra wires because of the emergency stop button and led lights and the extras. It seems like there are more features and i was afraid to get it because thinking the board might not have enough connections, so can just drop the board into it and then run it with T2laser? Thank you for your time and replying back to me.

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    @LASERMAN The emergency stop is just a power off button, I'm not sure about the LED's as mine doesn't have them. On my machine the laser power is still controlled by the pot but on/off is from the software. Newer systems support PWM so can be fully controlled by T2Laser for power as well.

  • @Zax Awesome, thank you very much - I did order it and will have a chance to play with it around the 7th. Again, Thank you for all that you do. A lot of great info i have been getting and learning from all of your post, answers and support in the forum.

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