Is it possible to connect a servo to the A3 Elekslaser?

  • My A3 Eleklaser board has a connection marked servo. When I connected a servo in and change settings in benbox from laser to servo nothing happens. Is it possible to use a servo with the laser?

  • What are you planning to use the servo for? The servo connection is used on the Eleksdraw and Eleksegg for the pen lift. It is not possible to use a laser and servo at the same time.

  • If you are thinking of putting a pen lift on the laser frame then that is possible and should be very easy to switch between the two with the new firmware and Elekscam. The servo uses a different timing to the the pwm the laser uses but the new firmware makes it easy to change between them.

  • I have a rotary tool with flexible extension a was looking to a attach in place of the laser. Was thinking of using the servo the same as the eleksdraw to lift the flexible bit for etching pictures on granite similar to this 0_1493399344298_100_0672.JPG

  • I would think for that it would be better to use a proper third axis. Might be possible with a servo but I can imagine it would be hard to control the height with any precision.

  • Been watching youtube videos of the machine above and it just seems to be a solenoid that pushes the diamond tip rotary bit down. I know from etching granite by hand you don't need much force to etch the surface so even a servo drop the rotary bit by gravity would would. The eleks laser is cheaper than the real thing as the company quoted me $2500 :astonished:

  • Interesting might work then. Worth giving it a go would not be too hard to do. Post some pictures if you have a go would be nice to see.

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    You could drive a solenoid from the MOSFET (just check it's current requirement, a smaller one should be fine), so basically you would plug it in the motor connector. It gets 12V when laser/spindle is ON and no voltage when it's OFF, so would work perfectly.

    I'm interested in the idea myself, so be sure to report the results.

  • I found an old solenoid in my box of junk so I lashed a circuit together to see how it would behave with PWM. Unfortunately it would not move below a speed of about S800 so I will have to look for a different solenoid. Looks like it should work with an appropriate solenoid to get verious levels of depth if that's how it works.

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    I think it will depend on the frequency, do you know what your firmware was using? 0.98kHz is standard but 7.8kHz may work better or even higher.

  • That one has got a standard grbl 1.1 on it. what file do I look in to change that? I've not done a lot of programing just the odd bit of trial and error changing of programs to try and make them do what I want. Would you also know what would have to be changed to get it to use A word for the Z axis? I think it would make it a bit easier when I am playing with rotary. I have noticed you can send an A command without getting an error so I am guessing there is some provision in there somewhere so I would like to swap the A with Z.

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    @pledgy You select it in config.h as below:
    // Prescaled, 8-bit Fast PWM mode.
    #define SPINDLE_TCCRA_INIT_MASK ((1<<WGM20) | (1<<WGM21)) // Configures fast PWM mode.
    // #define SPINDLE_TCCRB_INIT_MASK (1<<CS20) // Disable prescaler -> 62.5kHz
    // #define SPINDLE_TCCRB_INIT_MASK (1<<CS21) // 1/8 prescaler -> 7.8kHz (Used in v0.9)
    // #define SPINDLE_TCCRB_INIT_MASK ((1<<CS21) | (1<<CS20)) // 1/32 prescaler -> 1.96kHz
    #define SPINDLE_TCCRB_INIT_MASK (1<<CS22) // 1/64 prescaler -> 0.98kHz (J-tech laser)

    I'm not sure how those commands are interpreted.

  • @Zax Thanks for that info I will have a play and see what happens.

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