How to do a signature like in the product presentation

  • Thank you for your reply, much appreciated.
    I will try this tonight and let you know.


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    the session is 30 minutes and it has a time estimator so you'll know if it will time out on you. Usually it wont make gcode that long anyway so you wont need to worry about time out. If you like your small projects you will need to buy to do big projects. You can also try Ben Cut Laser and Laser Web

  • @MuuSer
    Hello MuuSer,
    The link you provided for tracing images is great, especially with photographs, thank you for the tip! I wonder if CorelDraw can achieve such result as well, I haven't tried it yet.
    However, tracing a centerline gives back a file with extension .php, not readable with EleksMaker. So, hopefully CorelDraw will do the job.
    Also, I have a problem with the scale of the .svg when I import it into Eleks Maker, I just cannot find a way to scale it down so that it stays within the limits of the machine, even when I already exported it at a small scale (I am using Inkscape to export .svg) - any suggestion is warmly welcomed.

    Hello Notthingham82,
    I use AutoCAD to generate .dxf files that need to be quite tight on the precision, I looked inside the trial version of T2, it is promsing so I will explore it further, thank you for the hint! Do you know of another friendly software compatible with Eleksmaker?
    I might be wrong but I think T2 closed the session after a given time just because this session is on the trial version, so I am worried that this might happen again when I would be plotting a large file.

    On another subject, as this is after all a simple pen plotter, is there not a way to control it just like the older HPGL format plotting an AutoCAD .plt file?
    Is anyone also tempted to build the open source control board proposed by the maker of a very similar machine?


  • @nottingham82
    Well understood, thanks!

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    T2Laser supports PLT files (including loading the colors), and I will soon add pen color changes. It also works with DXF files.

  • @Zax
    Very promising, thanks

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    I tried to implement a tracing method to do what you want but it's not that simple. Even center-line tracing (which in itself is difficult) doesn't really do it, the best way is to actually draw over the signature in a CAD program using strokes that are fluid and how it would actually be written.

    I've done this on a few and the results are excellent using the EleksDRAW but a little time consuming.

    If I can find a way to automate the process I will of course add it but so far I've not been successful. My trace feature does allow you to avoid the double lines which makes it look better but Corel is my preferred method.

  • @Zax
    Aha OK, I understand you.
    I don't have Corel installed at the moment although I have used it often in the past. So it produces vector which are imported in T2Laser.
    I will look at all this soon.
    Many thanks!

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    You can do the same in any drawing/CAD program, Inkscape would work.

  • @MuuSer Why does it fail and what type works/ I have used Inkscape and though I've
    used the same SVG save it will not work. is this a bug in the elkscam, if so will they ever fix it.

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    This post is deleted!

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    I've released a beta with center-line tracing, if all goes well it should get released later this week. It only works on 64-bit systems, and with certain images (b/w line art) but the results are pretty good.


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