How to do a signature like in the product presentation

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    I would like to know how to do a signature like in the product presentation (pen plotter) regards

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    Hello, @Cristal2u
    Just draw your signature with tablet or mouse in Inkscape or in any vector drawing program that is capable to save it to SVG file and with EleksCAM import it with PicCarve button and if you are lucky (EleksCAM fails sometime for some kind of SVG's), your signature is ready to scribble.

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    Or write it on computer paper and scan it. then open in inkscape.

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    By my knowledge Inkscape is not the best tool for tracing centreline drawings, if we want signature like, not just outline drawings, then CorelDraw makes tolerable good job in centreline trace.
    But yes - scanning existing signature and using it as blueprint in Inkscape, is also good solution...

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