Dead machine

  • Dead machine,

    Was burning my third image in 2 days when it stopped half way through no laser and no movement. Rebooted everything and nothing any ideas ?

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    Power supply died?

    The power switches have also been known to fail.

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    @Robert-Way, can you be more specific?
    If you connect it via USB, will green led lit? If you switch power on, will blue led lit?

  • Could also be the 16V capacitor causing the problem but as Muuser said can you tell us if the blue led it lit on the main board. I think most of them are blue but I have got one that is red. If it is not lit first check the power supply. If the power supply is working and the led is not lit I think it is most likely the capacitor has failed or as Zax said the switch.

  • @MuuSer green and red light lit when usb plugged in and red light comes on when power button pushed and fades out

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    This post is deleted!

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    Hm. I assuming that the red led is in mainboard and indicates the power on. Seems it is faulty power supply or faulty 16V capacitor or faulty stepper or stepper/laser driver that makes short circuit or power overconsumption. How you can sure what is true? Just disconnect your steppers and laser. If it not help, remove stepper drivers. If still power not stays, then it is bad power source or as @pledgy mentioned - early died capacitor.

  • The board I had with the faulty capacitor had a red power led I wonder if they are coming from a different source and inferior capacitors, the two other boards I have both have blue led's and are fine. I could not find a replacement solid state capacitor so as you can see from the picture the replacement is about 4mm taller just about fits in the Eleksegg but would not fit in the laser without leaving the Perspex cover off.

    0_1493748949052_image1 (1).JPG

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