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  • Hello,

    After starting EleksCAM, every window that opens or dropdown menu is empty. see picture.
    When a other program updates (like refresh the page in explore) the frozen empty window also updates and looks normal. but is frozen again. I can click in these frozen window and the action also works. But screen doesnt update.

    But even after closing EleksCAM this still happends... So when I am searhing in explore I need to have 2 windows open. because every move it will not refresh the screen.

    How do i solve this? (restarting pc will reset this 'bug' so some thing is still running after closing or something else...)
    Win 10, 64 bit.



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    This post is deleted!

  • @mrmister Do you use something else? A3 laser?

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    This post is deleted!

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    give T2 laser a try. It has a very generous trial version. It just turns off after 30 minutes. Then you can turn it back on and your 30 min starts over. do that as much as you like. Other limit is on code length. But you will usually run out of time before you hit the code limit. The code limit also restarts when you reopen the program.

  • @jetfire Same problem here. Have you found a solution?

  • @James-Roney No, but After i tryed T2 laser I havent used eleskcam. T2 works great for me togther with DXF files. Its worth your try.

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