Y-Axis Motors working against eachother

  • Just built my new A3 but one Y axis turns CCW the other CW so they are working against each other. Any suggestions on how to reverse one motor?

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    What you mean? They must to do that. Otherwise your A3 can't move Y axis...

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    I had that happen too. I think I just swapped the y axis wires. left to right and right to left. doesnt seem like it should work but I think thats actually how i solved it.

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    This post is deleted!

  • I have it wired exactly like the diagram Motor Y1 wants to push toward control board and Motor Y2 is trying to push away from control board as shown in diagram.
    I have tried swapping wires on control board. still same problem Should I swap wires entirely? meaning red one in diagram with black one in diagram?

    Thanks for the help.

  • @bauera2
    Maybe one of the connectors on one of the cables is wired wrong? Can you check the ends to see if the color sequence is the same on both ends of both cables? If It isn't. You don't have to take it apart. Just use the mis-matched one for the x axis, and swap the two y's back and forth until they go the correct way .

  • Thanks I will take a closer look when I get home from work.

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    That is entirely likely. I bought some once that were wired opposite causing the motor to go the wrong way. As I think about it, that may have been when they were working against each other. So I had to replace both wires.

  • So 1 of the three wires had the yellow and black wire switched compared to the others. I pulled pins and made them match and now everything works great. Thanks for the advice.

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