problem after update - no movement

  • @Zax yes, same controller card, I just switch the nanos
    update in 1.1 (default) without any errors
    T2 connects to the card (for him no problem detected)

    OUPS !! i just find something on T2 i try and come back with news

  • @Zax ok
    i try with GRBL 0.9 but no change
    I tested with GRBL 0.9 but same
    message on T2:
    Connected COM5 115200
    Grbl 1.1e Ready

    or (in 0.9) :
    Connected COM5 115200
    Grbl Ready

    but no manual or automatic movements
    the nano card is correctly connected

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @tazgc30 It won't turn the laser on/off either?

  • @Zax the laser is active 100% permanently even if I click on the button to cut it on T2

  • i try another upload in 1.1
    i have this lines after reconnect main card on T2

    Connected COM5 115200
    Grbl 1.1e Ready
    $0=10 Step pulse, microseconds (10)
    $1=25 Step idle delay, milliseconds (25)
    $2=0 Step port invert, mask (0)
    $3=0 Direction port invert, mask (0)
    $4=0 Step enable invert, boolean (0)
    $5=0 Limit pins invert, boolean (0)
    $6=0 Probe pin invert, boolean (0)
    $10=1 Status report, mask (1)
    $11=0.010 Junction deviation, mm (0.020)
    $12=0.002 Arc tolerance, mm (0.020)
    $13=0 Report inches, boolean (0)
    $20=0 Soft limits, boolean (0)
    $21=0 Hard limits, boolean (0)
    $22=0 Homing cycle, boolean (0)
    $23=0 Homing dir invert, mask (0)
    $24=100.000 Homing feed, mm/min (100.000)
    $25=1000.000 Homing seek, mm/min (1000.000)
    $26=250 Homing debounce, milliseconds (250)
    $27=1.000 Homing pull-off, mm (1.000)
    $30=255 Max spindle speed, RPM (255)
    $31=0 Min spindle speed, RPM (0)
    $32=1 Laser mode, boolean (1)
    $100=80.000 X steps/mm (80.000)
    $101=80.000 Y steps/mm (80.000)
    $102=80.000 Z steps/mm (80.000)
    $110=4000.000 X Max rate, mm/min (5000.000)
    $111=4000.000 Y Max rate, mm/min (5000.000)
    $112=6000.000 Z Max rate, mm/min (5000.000)
    $120=800.000 X Acceleration, mm/sec^2 (800.000)
    $121=800.000 Y Acceleration, mm/sec^2 (800.000)
    $122=5000.000 Z Acceleration, mm/sec^2 (5000.000)
    $130=400.000 X Max travel, mm (400)
    $131=300.000 Y Max travel, mm (300)
    $132=200.000 Z Max travel, mm (200)

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @tazgc30 I have no idea then, it seems unlikely a new Nano would be defective and you are able to load firmware and run the G-code just the outputs aren't behaving as they should - or - there's something wrong with the connections (some Nano's have the USB on the different end, make sure the pins are all aligned and not just the USB).

  • @Zax ok i look, make some test, and i see, buy a new one maybe
    thanks for your answers

  • @Zax just one more thing
    do you have a tutorial (video or other) to engrave a grayscale image in CNC mode (each hue difference corresponding to an engraving depth) with T2

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @tazgc30 The default setting is 3D, so just enable CNC mode and set the maximum depth (that corresponds to black, so invert if you want to make a relief). I would suggest using a fairly small depth at first, a lower resolution (larger value) will produce a smoother result but less detail (keep it at or below the cutter radius for the best result).

  • @Zax thanks

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