Trouble shooting with EleksCAM V3.1

  • i've received the A3 laser with 2500mW last friday. after assembling , i've installed USB Driver and EleksCAM V3.1 on my WINDOW 7 64 bit laptop computer . connection is well recognised and EleksCAM start without any problem . COM port is OK and i can move laser head with manual commands . i can set laser ON and OFF .
    i've made a GCODE programm : path drawing with inkscape and GCODE generated with CAMBAM ( i've created a special POSTPROCESSOR for CAMBAM ). no problem to load the GCODE and to run it : result is very good.
    the problem i have is with PIC CARVE and TEXT CARVE : nothing works and an " anhanded exception" occures when trying to use it. for mor details ,
    see joined picture of message and result if i click on "continue" , i join the complete text file of the error message in case of TEXT CARVE trying
    !1_1494265989453_EleksCAM message.jpg 0_1494265989453_EleksCAM message 2.jpg [0_1494266003172_error message.txt](Uploading 100%)

  • EleksMaker Customer Service

    @MuuSer said in A3 laser engraver doesn't work properly(:

    @Loki2140, where you from?
    What is your computer decimal symbol? Comma? If yes, then change it to dot in Windows regional settings.

    alt text

    Hope it helps.

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