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  • Can any one help regarding on how to set the limits on my eleksmaker a3 pro

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    May I ask, why you need them for those kind of machine?

    Unfortunately at moment adding hardware limits with Mana SE and EleksMaker firmware is not probably possible as accordingly by words of @EleksMaker-Z it uses already 99.9% of Nano programming space...

    But easiest software limit is your own brain that not sends to machine larger job as it capable to handle...

    Maybe one solution is to connect end switches to hold pin on Mana board. If my logic coincides with EleksMaker fellows, then at least machine puts job in hold when reaches to one of end switches and not burn something down when struggles to end border...

    But as those machines are lightweight and their steppers forces are not destructive, I don't see especial point for them. Yes - they must be for machines where we cant move head by hand, but those little beasts are nicely usable without hardware limit switches if you don't lose your zero point, but why you should?

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    You can easily add home switches, and use soft limits. It works really great and is the best upgrade you can make. I don't think it's compatible with the Eleks firmware or software but it's possible with my software T2Laser and actually included as standard.

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