How to set up Eleks machine limit switch in T2 Laser

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    @Zax does compiling own hex mean that T2laser could not be used?

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    No. You can use any firmware you like. T2Laser supports Benbox, Mana and any Grbl 8 or higher. It's just that the firmware I provide always has D9 as the home pin for both axis.

  • @Zax so if i solder a wire onto the nano d9 and onto gnd and put a limit switch on the other end of the wire then run the software and press the limit switch will this halt my program or do i have to do something else before hand
    thanks for any help

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    They aren't limit switches per se, they're home switches. Let me explain how it works.

    You put one normally open switch on each axis at the 0,0 (lower left), wired in parallel between D9 and GND.

    Enable home switches in the menu and the house icon will change to red.

    Click the red home icon and the machine will move to the left until it triggers the X-axis switch, then it backs off until the switch is open again. Then it moves forwards to trigger the Y-axis and backs off slightly.

    Your machine coordinates are then set to 0,0 and you can use absolute positions (presets).

    It's still possible to use work piece home but the machine coordinates are always tracked and available for exact positioning. If you set your machine size (change the Sketch size then click the menu option) it will setup soft limits, which your machine will never go beyond and crash.

    So you have homing and limits (via software) all for 2 simple switches.

  • @Zax do i have to do the same if i am using t2laser software or was you referring to that software
    thanks for your help

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    Yes, I was referring to T2Laser.

    If you prefer to use some different configuration (limits, 2 pins etc) those are all possible but you would need to compile your own firmware with the correct options enabled. T2Laser will still work with them.

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    Is this the part to change?

    // If your machine has two limits switches wired in parallel to one axis, you will need to enable this feature. Since the two switches are sharing a single pin, there is no way for Grbl to tell which one is enabled. This option only effects homing, where if a limit is engaged, Grbl will alarm out and force the user to manually disengage the limit switch. Otherwise, if you have one limit switch for each axis, don't enable this option. By keeping it disabled, you can perform a homing cycle while on the limit switch and not have to move the machine off of it.

    Or do pins need to changed in the master config as well?

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    @mrmister No, that's a little different. You use that option if you have + and - limit switches on the SAME axis wired in parallel as otherwise Grbl wouldn't know which way to move.

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    How do you want to have the switches configured?

    If you send me your email address in chat I will change the necessary files and send them to you with explanation for each change.

    For most people I would suggest using my firmware to begin with and putting both home switches on D9 to simplify things but you obviously have some idea what you're doing.

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