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  • Hi! I have A3 laser engraver and I have such a problems,

    1. I'm working in Adobe illustrator. In the illustrator, I set the parameters of the object, its dimensions 110mm * 170mm and when I insert a SVG file in EleksMaker all goes wrong. The size is HUGE!!! Bigger then it should be. It's look like about 40 cm * 20cm.
    2. Errors - Out of mamory
      what does it mean? (It happens when I copy past SVG in program, but not by button PicCarve. I go "Gallery" double tap on first img and then press button with "folder" img and then open SVG) I do so becouse in theory there I can change size of engraving. AND ALSO engraving option.
    3. Errors - Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
      what does it mean? When I add SVG by button PicCarve.
      All SVG files saved by Adobe illustrator.
      How can I chose engraving option and size by EleksMaker?

  • EleksMaker Customer Service

    I don't know too much about it, but I think you can save svg to .png and try again

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