Windows 10 and Elekscam

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    Elekscam would not work on my Windows 10 Pro system. I formatted the drive and reinstall windows 10 pro 64bit. Now Elekscam 3.1 works (except for seeing Home coordinated).

    So I wonder could ther have been a setting in previous install of windows that blocked Elekscam from working? I could not enter Administror mode - even when I try to use cmd netuser.

    Not being able to access or use administrator mode made me think maybe something with windows settings block elekscam. But I also wonder why would a program require Administrator level acces to run? So maybe we can figure something out to help others when wlekscam does not work on windows 10.

    I know you did not create elekscam but I ask you because you understand computer programs

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    Windows 10 unfortunately is very different kind of Windows compared to earlier releases. Already from Windows 7 Microsoft choose an Apple way. In earlier common Windows releases (not in NT, 2000 and other servers) almost every action was by default allowed and you could switch them off, if needed. In Mac OS at the beginning until nowadays almost everything is restricted and you must switch them on if needed. Why Microsoft selected that way? Maybe reason is absent of responsibility from users. Stupid users never admit their mistakes and abuse them, who made possible to point at their stupidnes. So it's wiser to close valves for all, as Apple done at beginning and admit that most users are stupid or malevolent. Apple systems are like police state where everything is under control and now Microsoft wants to achieve the same, but unfortunately it is impossible as there are thousands of PC hardware producers and there is always possibility that something will not work as needed.

    And switching the paths is not painless. If you change your way of behaviour, there can be many hundreds or even thousand little things that can forgotten, but which affect behaviour of whole system.

    And result is, that even a writing to registry or simple drag-and-drop between programs in Windows 10 (serious pain for example for Adobe graphics programs) requires now special rights.

    In my Windows 10 EleksCAM works, but it ruins some kind of windows core graphics refresh system and so at the beginning system menus and/or freshly opened some kind of system windows are empty. If made some clicks with mouse left button on taskbar or open start menu, then window content will occurs. After restart of Windows all is okay until first launch of EleksCAM. And unfortunately I don't know reason of that. It must be some kind of .NET framework wrong use or bug. I don't program with .NET framework, so I am not familiar with that.

    Probably there was conflict with something, installed earlier in your computer, but as I told - there is no good way to know what will make conflicts with each other as there are so many different software and hardware producers, so they never can be step by corporate leg. It not console, but for example installing Wacom tablets drivers was and is still pain in ass. And Wacom is huge company, compared to EleksMaker.

    In the other side seems at least for me that for some reason EleksMaker is not interested to develop their software which is odd. Yes - they want to sell more hardware, but why they don't think about that if for their hardware would exist one good native supporting software, they could sell them tens times more. Yes - bind it with your hardware and if it work well, all are happy. EleksMaker is not only maker and selling of those kind lightweight machines. There is need somehow to be different from others and if that difference is good working program, who can resist that?

    But okay - long talk, bad talk. Moreover my mode of expression in foreign language is not so good for making me proud. So I make stroke for now. :)

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