2 pin laser, help!

  • Hi everyone,

    this is my first message here.

    I bought an Eleksmaker ManaSE board and a 500mW laser module. The laser is with 2 pins. In the picture I saw that the 'motor' pins can be used for a 2 pin laser. How do I set this up? I have no idea where to start...

    Thank you!!

    alt text

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    There's nothing to setup, just connect it to the "motor" connector. That port is a switched 12V compared to the "laser" port which has a constant 12V and a separate TTL signal to switch the laser.

    If your laser has a TTL input that's the better option, but not necessary.

  • @Zax

    Thank you for your message. The cable from the motor pins of the board is connected to the 12V AC/DC pins of the laser. The small board has a TTL port.

    I installed the BenBox software, tried one of the examples provided and the laser seems to be pulsing at the moment. Is there anything I can do to improve the working of the laser? What are the pros and cons of the other software?

    This is my current setup:
    0_1494786243064_IMG_20170514_202110.jpg 1_1494786718929_IMG_20170514_202900.jpg 0_1494786718929_IMG_20170514_202837.jpg

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    It looks like your driver has a TTL input, so use the laser connector. It has the constant 12V (+/-) and S (TTL) pins.

    Benbox is very old software / firmware. It has many issues and is no longer in development.

  • @Zax

    But my laser has only 2 pins. The TTL port has 2 pins, but the laser port on the Mana SE has 3 pins, like you said. So, how is this going to work then?

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    The TTL signal is a single wire (to the S-pin), the other pin is a ground which can be connected to the - (motor ground).

  • @Zax

    Thank you very much for your replies, you are being very helpfull. I have one last question.. which pin of the TTL do i connect to the s pin and which one to the motor ground? There is no further labelling on the TTL pins, so I guess it does not matter.

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    I don't think it matters (either that or I got lucky the first time, it's a 50/50), but if it doesn't work just swap them.

  • @Zax

    Hey Zax,

    I tried to figure how to use the TTL for my laser, but I have not succeeded. I do not know how to wire it all. Currently I am just using the on/off thing. The pins from the 12V AC/DC on the laser board are connected to the motor pins of the ManaSE. Am I right that, in order to use the TTL, I need to solder one wire from the laser port on the ManaSE, i.e. the ground, to the motor ground pin. And the other two pins from the three pin connector to the TTL pins of my laser board?


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    *** all connection use the laser connector ***

    12V AC/DC is the power input, and connects to the + and - pins on the laser connector.

    TTL is the TTL/PWM signal, one pin connects to the S pin on the laser connector (you may need to connect the other to the - pin which is actually a ground but usually not required)

    12V is the laser connector (goes to the laser diode), and I am not sure but GRN is probably the fan.

  • Hello,
    I have the Eleksmaker A3 laser frame and ManaSE board. I have just recently purchased longer extrusions so I need to also extend the wire/cables for the stepper motors and laser. My laser has the 2 wires similar to what's pictured above and I would like to connect the end that attaches to the board with a 3 wire connector though only 2 will be used. And for the same connectors on the stepper motors so I can make longer wires. Does anyone know the name of the connectors both male and female that are used with this board? I would like to make some longer wires with connectors and keep the originals ones in-tact.

    Thanks in advance.

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    @MrLRichards I'm not exactly sure which connectors you are talking about as there's various in this thread, but the motors use JST PH 2.0 mm pitch and the board is typically JST XH 2.5 mm pitch (you can measure the spacing).

  • @Zax said in 2 pin laser, help!:

    JST PH 2.0 mm pitch

    Thanks for your reply. I guess I could have been more specific to say that I need the connectors that would fit in the Laser, X and Y axis ports on the ManaSE board.

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