Laser quit working

  • I have the EleksLaser A3 and once I got it working, I made a couple test runs of what I wanted to engrave. After getting the image the way I wanted, I turned the system off to make some adjustments in the work surface. Once I had what I wanted to engrave under the laser, I turned it back on but the laser didn't work. I've flashed the memory card on the controller with the driver several times. Rebooted the computer as well. The buttons in the software have never controlled the laser beam either. I have had to use the button to set it to low power to focus without burning.

    Initially, when I powered up the laser and controller, the laser would be on full power until the software connected and then the laser would shut off until I started to run a job. Now the laser won't ever turn on. I hear the fan running. I've never noticed the laser unit being hot. I've checked all of the connections and they are snug and fully plugged in. If I start a job, the laser head advances to the cutting spot and starts moving as if it were cutting but the laser is not powered even though the red light on top shows that it is getting power.

    Any ideas of what to look for?

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    For future reference do not power the board if the software is not open

    Is there a RED light on the laser?
    Does it blink or is it solid?

  • @mrmister
    The software worked better with the laser on at the program start.
    There is a red light on the laser. It flashes if the low light button is pressed.

  • @FuguSailor After posting a video to YouTube showing what is happening, it was determined that the laser has failed and a new unit are in the mail to replace the broken laser. I'd like to know why the laser died so that in the future, I can avoid the downtime waiting for a new laser.

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    @FuguSailor some last for thousands of hours and some diodes die immediately. As long as the fan is going when the laser is on it's luck of the draw on how many hours it will give you. It's like a car. Some motors will go 500000 miles some blow after 100 miles. All you can do is watch the dials and check the oil. The fan is the only "oil" a laser has. Cross your fingers and hope your next one is a 1000+ hour laser.

  • @nottingham82 I always heard the fan. It still works. Oh well. I guess the other thing to do is that if I get to where I want to use the engraver a lot more, it might be a good idea to purchase some spare laser units.

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    If you find the 2500mW Violet laser module, with the driver board mounted to the laser module please post the link.

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    @FuguSailor said in Laser quit working:

    @mrmister See if this works for you.

    Thanks. That is not the laser that came with my A3.

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