Help! I think my laser is broken.... little red light on laser not working...

  • I got my laser and build it with no problems. At first, on top of the laser the red light was blinking an when I pressed the button the light would be solid. And would switch from strong laser to low power laser no problem. But I was having trouble getting it to work with eleskcam and benbox and was depowering and powering a lot and pluging and unpluging a lot. Now the red light on top of the laser doesnt light up anymore and when I press the power button the laser Is just in FULL power mode and I cant hit the little button on the laser to switch it to low power mode.. THe laser never turns OFF... On a side note I did get benbox to work and the laser will move on the X and Y no problem I just had to unplug the laser while testing because the thing wont turn OFF!

    Is there anyone that has had this problem or did I do something wrong to make the laser Always on??

    Thanks for the help.

  • I figured it out! in elekscam I just needed to go to settings and RST ROM now it works great!

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