7000mw laser

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    I see you have a new laser in production. a 7000mw ttl laser. I am interested however I have some questions. I see the lens is different from the 2300 mw. Is the focus adjustable? the lens doesnt look like it easy to grip. How tight can you focus the beam? The 5000mw used to have a much wider beam than the 2500mw. Is it the same with the 7000 vs the 2300?


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    7000mw one is different from other lasers, you can't adjust the focus but it can engrave on stainless stell.

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    ouch. so is there going to be an adjustable z axis mount or adjustable table that is sold as well? I could really go for an adjustable z axis mount. And by chance do you know what the focus distance will be set at?

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    you can see there is a blue clamp on A3/5 pro, it can adjust the Z axis a little.
    We also have a lifting platform, like the photo below.


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    a lifting platform would be my second choice. It wouldnt help if you needed to place the laser over a piece to work on it. If the laser beam isnt focused 110 mm from the laser then you cant use the laser on wood that is larger than the frame rails. Which I do all the time. If the laser is focused 110 mm from the laser then the lifting platform wouldnt be useful because the piece would always be too close. also its not a mesh. If you are cutting wood you need air underneath to cut so the gasses can escape. Wherever the gasses cant escape your cut wont burn all the way through. Idealy you need a z adjustment that allows for 50 to 60mm of adjustment if the laser doesnt have an adjustable focus. This allows you to use an alignment board or place the entire frame on top of the work.

  • If the Z-Axis isn't somehow driven by the CNC system, then I cannot see the system working very well in practice. Why not a 3-Axis controller board and a very small stepper to move the laser head up and down. The laser is quite light and a small stepper and lead screw will work OK. It should not add too much mass to the head carriage.
    BenCutLaser, for example, has the ability to move the Z-Axis under program control for each pass.

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    well Wild Bill bought a cheap z axis stepper from bangood link to product and here is his results

    alt text

    This is exactly how the 7watt needs to be set up. however I believe the 7 watt has a bigger base and wouldnt mount to this setup. its very close though. It will also need a mana se 3 axis to control the z axis.

  • Got any idea what voltage and polarity this unit expect to see on the pwm pin in the three pin connection and exactly what will be the response?

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